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I do not think a president should be able to veto an act that gives war powers back to where it constitutionally belongs, the congress. Trump has hijacked war powers for an undeclared war on Yemen. This is a blooding of innocent civilians and their blood is on our hands.

This is Saudi Arabia’s war, not ours. We normally do not believe in genocide but under Trump I suppose its sanctioned now. And I heard it said this last week that Trump is the most godly president ever. Now I can see their truth, Trump thinks he is a god. A very evil and hateful god that only cares for himself.

Make no mistake thinking the autocratic government of Saudi Arabia is representing Western Values. They practice Sharia law. Why are we choosing this side? We are not dependent on their oil so that is no longer a consideration. Shouldn’t we be promoting peace rather than pouring fortunes into the military complex? Why are taxpayers letting this happen?

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*Russian Interference, Crime, Obstruction, Pay Offs, And Abuse Of Power*

Everyone knows Trump better than us… This series was done by the Australian Broadcasting Company.

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*EPA Threats & Climate Change*

Recently Trump has made some ridiculous claims on renewable energy. There is a misconception about renewable energy in that it is suppose to replace all energy but that is not the facts. Take solar as an example, the energy that is produced by the sun means less dirty energy has to be made at that given time.

The same exact thing about wind energy, when they are running they are displacing fossil fuels being used to create electric. All sources of power only produce power when they are running, even the fossil fuel ones. But all renewable energy that is produced means less fossil fuels. Solar energy is only daylight but it is during the day that the highest demand occurs.

Clean coal is a myth. Here is the truth written in plain language.


*Political Comedy*

Its been seven months and it is overwhelming. Does that happen to you? I have to step back from it all and look at it in a different light. To that I send my thanks to Bill Maher, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, Saturday Night Live, and Full Frontal with Samatha Bee. They prove that if it was not so serious it would be funny and what a joke our President, his spokespeople and his cabinet truly are.

Please note: This is not a news channel and we promote progressive ideas alone here. We always embed original video from the original creator on YouTube and make no claim they are our own. You can double click on any video to return to their original posting by following the YouTube link. One might observe that this website takes a very strong view against Donald Trump. The reason is very simple, this is a progressive website and Donald Trump has proved himself the exact opposite of progressive. His first moves in office were to dismantle any progressive gains and he has never been the president of all the people of the united states and he is certainly not my president. Here we believe in equality, equal rights for all, and a country that cares about its citizens. Donald Trump conned a lot of people to vote for him despite it was against their best interests. Up to now the only real interest he cares about are the very rich. So yes, the majority of this country and certainly progressives wait with baited breath till this person and his entire family is out of the white house, and yes, it gives us hope that one day the GOP will think about their constitutes instead of their party and rich donors.