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It is apparent that Sessions only works for Trump and not US. I am sure he forgets he took an oath too.



The Horrible Impact of Trumpcare


The Trumpcare bill was passed in the house and moved to the Senate. The CBO report is suppose to come on this coming Wednesday, May 24th. Up till now the House has no idea what they even passed, well the GOP anyways. This was not a bi-partisan bill and no democrats voted in favor of it.

Make no mistake that this is a tax cut bill, not healthcare. This bill takes away healthcare for tax savings to the top 2% and insurance companies. This bill allows insurance companies to raise rates on preexisting conditions and almost double the current rates on seniors. All the organizations that were against this bill from the start are still against it, including the AARP, AMA, and dozens others.

Even with a big fight in the Senate, congress did not care. They were told flat out it was dead on arrival but they ignored that. I am hoping the people of this country tell them their feelings. This is not what they wanted. It is important that the actions of the GOP congress is not forgotten next election. They are not on the people’s side.

The last CBO report was terrible with 24 million people losing their healthcare. After the vote they ran to the white house for photo opportunities and a beer party with President Trump. Trump of course totally lied about what their healthcare does, did you really expect him to even read it?

Trump and his billionaire supporters are salivating over that tax cut they will get if this were ever to pass. And the people are starting to find out what this bill represents and they know they are being lied too. You can not fool all of the people all of the time.

The response at town halls were amazing and keep up your phone calls.  And give a shout out to Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the only GOP member of congress from Washington State to vote yes for this “health” care bill. The people of Eastern Washington should be outraged!


A seven second video that says it all! This is not over…

EPA Threats

Trump drops EPA protections to save coal jobs he says. There are less than 70,000 coal jobs left in this declining dirty energy. At the same time there are over 650,000 jobs in clean renewable energy and it is a growing field. If this does not show that Trump has no idea of what he is doing, you don’t have to look far for other examples.

Fact is the energy industry will determine where the jobs are, not President Trump, but if they start strip mining your favorite federal lands, you will know why. Coal has been on the way out for a while now. Natural Gas is much easier to produce, easier to transport, and much cleaner to burn. Despite Trump’s EPA killing regulations on pollution from burning coal it does not change the facts.


Clean coal is a myth. Here is the truth written in plain language.

The Trump Roller Coaster

Its been less than three months and I sometimes feel overwhelmed. Does that happen to you? I have to step back from it all and look at it in a different light. To that I send my thanks to Bill Maher, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, Saturday Night Live, and everyone else who help me cope. They prove that if it was not so serious it would be funny and what a joke our President, his spokespeople and his cabinet truly are.