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Current US infections for Covid 19; 3,416,082
Current US Deaths from Covid 19; 137,803

Death rates have always lagged behind new cases. As hospitals beds fill up, tough decisions will mean people die.
Numbers are available on the following link.


Donald Trump has subverted the law. He fires people who tell the truth. He has his underlings lie for him and when they are convicted of crimes, he pardons or commutes their sentences. His Justice Department has also ousted three US District Attorneys who were investigating him. This is no longer the USA that you knew.

They don’t even try to cover it up anymore. Every Friday like clock work I check to see what Trump is trying to sneak past us. This week its Roger Stone who lied to congress to protect Trump. Trump paid him back by commuting Stone’s sentence on a Friday afternoon. How typical is that?

“Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president,” Mitt Romney tweeted Saturday morning. Honest republicans can see this open corruption and not try to cover it up like they normally do.

Maybe the tip-off should have been that Trump took it all the way to the supreme court just to rule that he was not above the law. Seriously… Makes you wonder why this never had to go to the supreme court before in the history of this country. Could it be that Trump is the first president to think he is above the law? What does this say about him?


And finally, who needs progressive anti Trump commercials when we have republican ones.


*Late Night Comedy*

I send my thanks to Bill Maher, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, Newsbroke, Saturday Night Live, and Full Frontal with Samatha Bee. They prove that if it was not so serious it would be funny and what a joke our President, his spokespeople and his cabinet truly are.

Its not a mistake if I show an older videos while hosts are on vacation.