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Current US infections for Covid; 5,309,622
Current US Deaths from Covid; 167,789

Death rates have always lagged behind new cases. As hospitals beds fill up, tough decisions will mean people die.
Numbers are available on the following link.

Hows that diversity thing working out for you Seattle? You managed to drive out your first black woman Police Chief after you singled her out and cut her salary. Now all the surrounding cities are cashing in on you laying off police officers. They are offering them sign on bonuses…

Hows that response time going to be affected with 100 less units? When the police are overrun and driven out of a precinct, that does not mean you need less police. BLM had no right demanding less police. Let me state the obvious, Seattle PD did not kill George Floyd.

Your city council sucks, putting it mildly. They should be resigning after their performance this year. How can they even be a city council when they council no one? They operate completely independently and make sweeping changes without input from the most important people in the city, the mayor and the police chief. What kind of half assed operation is this?

Do us a favor and run as independents. You are lousy examples of the democratic party. We are used to putting police on our streets, not laying them off after spending millions of dollars training them. We are for law and order because without it our cities will run wild… like Seattle this year…



And finally, who needs progressive anti Trump commercials when we have republican ones.


*Late Night Comedy*

I send my thanks to Bill Maher, John Oliver, Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, Newsbroke, Saturday Night Live, and Full Frontal with Samatha Bee. They prove that if it was not so serious it would be funny and what a joke our President, his spokespeople and his cabinet truly are.

Its not a mistake if I show an older videos while hosts are on vacation.