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Trumps Tax Plan

December 4, 2016

If Trumps tax plan passes it will be a disaster for the economy and the country. It will turn us into a third world country. The money that was suppose to go into rebuilding America will be gone and we will watch our country crumble. We will look at countries like Iraq with envy because we actually did rebuild there and ISIS would be the least of our problems.

This has got to be stopped and the people can not sit this out. Educate yourself if you have to but this has got to be stopped by any means possible. And all this from a rich billionaire who could care less for the working people.

This video pretty much sums it up:

Thank you TYT for doing such an in-depth report. Independent media like TYT needs everyone’s support.

Off shore profits tax cuts makes it far more profitable to send jobs out of the country to third world countries. In order to compete and not lose those jobs we would have to be a third world country also. You seen how manufacturing has been leaving.

He also lied about taxing hedge fund owners, he plans to cut their taxes by two thirds.

He also plans to eliminate the Federal Estate Tax. Understand this tax only effects those with estates over five million dollars. This is how rich families stay rich. Their wealth is kept in the family and would not be taxed at all if the Estate Tax is eliminated altogether.

But no need to fret if your a millionaire or a billionaire, you will pay far less taxes. Everyone else will have to pay it because that deficit is going to have to be repaid by someone. The wealthiest Americans received the majority of wealth, everyone else thinks the economy has been stagnant and it hasn’t. There has been record profits and wall street is through the roof.

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