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Veterans Deploy to Standing Rock

December 4, 2016

A brief rundown, it is hard to have missed Standing Rock in the news. You mostly heard its a bunch of people protesting a pipeline, mostly Native Americans. Maybe you didn’t get the whole story, its their land. Not the pipe line company, the Native Americans. It is Native American land that they want to run their private interest pipe line through.

Also it was originally routed near Bismarck but the powers to be decided it was better to route it south through Standing Rock. I suppose Bismarck was far too white to run a black oil pipe line through. After all, its certainly not the first time we broke a treaty with the Native Americans. At least we didn’t start killing them again?

I changed my mind on this issue when I learned more about it. Being framed as simply a protest to an oil pipeline that was mostly completed already. That this was not the time to protest it, and other half truths. Now I stand with Standing Rock! Take a close look at that army about to come down on the protesters and tell me this is not Wounded Knee. Did you know the cops blew a woman’s arm off with a percussion grenade? Its sad when you find out the police work for big oil and not the people. Well at least veterans know what side they are on!

Because of the media attention the protests have been receiving and the mounting reports of violence against the protesters, President Obama denied the permits for the construction to continue on Sunday, December 4th pending a full review by the Army Corp of Engineers.

TYT network has had people embedded with the protesters and they have documented much of the violence against the protesters. If you are wondering why you have not seen much about this in the mainstream news, that’s a very good question.

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