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Fake News Goes Mainstream

December 5, 2016

As I was watching the news this morning there was a report of a DC Pizzeria where a gunman showed up to break up a child trafficking ring led by Hillary Clinton. This was a blaring example of fake news and while you may wonder how someone can be so stupid as to believe a fake news story on Facebook that was so ridiculous, you just got done witnessing the most divisive election I ever witnessed in my lifetime.

Politifact had reported 70% of the things Donald Trump said in his campaign was a lie and he ended up stealing the election so it must work. Who needs facts when you can just make thinks up in a tabloid way and a large percentage of people will believe them. The American people are constantly assaulted by lies as a way of life.

Fake News Onslaught Targets Pizzeria as Nest of Child-Trafficking

Donald Trump even brought a propaganda minister to the White House with Steve Bannon, who has a long history of conspiracy theories. Obviously this whole pizzeria story was a political hoax to discredit Hillary Clinton in a tabloid fashion. But this points to a serious systemic problem that we all witness everyday.

How do we know what is true and what is false? Add to that politics and suddenly everything is free speech. Add to that when the government says its a national security issue or feels you can not handle the truth.

Who would have thought something so ridiculous would be believed.

It seems to me we have a real problem when we can not tell facts from fiction. This situation can lead to devastating consequences as you saw in the 2016 election. This is an issue that needs to be addressed and soon. This is why we have a media tab where we add news sources that are independent of the mainstream. It is the news sources that I have come to depend on.

Even mainstream media wrestles with this issue:

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