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December 12, 2016

trumpBelieve me over anyone, just because…

It is common knowledge now that this country is controlled by big money. The decision of Citizen’s United ensured that unlimited finances can buy political interests. That a billionaire can even buy the presidency, all it takes is money. Truth does not matter any more than lies, that line is blurred.

Fake News and Russian hacking are the talk of the day and many do not even know what to believe. When your President Elect tells you that you can not even believe the CIA and our own intelligence community, that line is blurred even farther.

And it is not about Trump supporters believing everything he says, its about the dangers of believing any one person absent the facts. Donald Trump does not even take security briefings so consider where he is getting his information that he is spreading to the public as “his” facts. This is not a reality TV show and the CIA is a real thing.

In the end big money will decide what you believe as they own most of the mainstream media. Support independent media as that is the only way to get big money out of dispensing what are the facts. Make use of your common sense as that is needed more then ever in these times. Get your news from multiple sources and always follow the money!

Like the the people at TYT who show you the difference in Trump’s cabinet made up of mostly campaign contributors who know little of the departments they have been picked to run, instead of highly educated leaders in their fields. It is actually frightening the incompetence our government going forward will be.





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