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Trump | From Russia With Love

January 8, 2017

On Friday the US intelligence community released a unclassified briefing on how Russia hacked and influenced our election. I suppose it would explain how Donald Trump won when everyone said his chances were slim and none. Of course he has went on a twitter rampage since denying how anyone influenced the results when the report does not make that conclusion.


Well the report is here, go ahead and read it for yourself. There is a bunch of references in the front but you can skim past those and get to the meat of it all. There are only five must read pages that contain the most important information.

Immediately after his intelligence briefing Donald Trump released a statement that was a lie. I know he does not want to make it seem he is a illegitimate president based on all the facts. The country has no good way to counter this or respond to it as it is a situation that would have never been dreamed of by the founding fathers. We never would have dreamed of it either…


And yes, Donald Trump lied about the report. You know he lied because you can read the report for yourself right here. #NotMyComradPresident



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