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The Politics of Hate | Is this the GOP?

January 9, 2017

I grew up in a Roman Catholic Italian family. I went to church on Sundays, Sunday school, all the rites of passage, and I knew the bible fairly well, heard stories from it weekly. You develop a sense of morality that does not leave you when you leave the church, you just realize you never needed the church for that morality. But it does leave you wondering when you see hateful things from supposedly religious people.

The majority of people look at the reign of Donald Trump with a sense of dread. Anyone with any morality, church goer of not, witnessed a lot of hate coming from him this last campaign. He was a bully who mocked everyone who he felt he was better than. We all knew people like this, the sense of entitlement and I am better then you because I had a rich father who left me an empire.

He spoke to a lot of people who thought they related to him and the problems of the country were not them, it was Mexicans, the LGBT community, disabled and even women who went up against him. It was the most hateful campaign I ever witnessed in my lifetime. I was a young republican during Reagan and he never talked of walls, just the opposite of tearing down walls. Compassionate conservatism was a term used back then.

So what happened to the GOP? Why have they become the party of hate? And they say they are religious and seem to want to take over the church and to use it as an excuse. They perverted religion to suit their agenda and attack groups that are not like them. This is not a holy war and everyone unlike you is not the enemy. What about this country’s history of inclusion?

Going after specific groups is reminiscent of some very dark times in history. Adolf Hitler used tactics like this and took it much farther. I lived next door to a Mexican family at one time and they were not rapists and murderers. Oh, that’s right, Trump said he supposed some were good people, seriously? This is your narrative GOP?

And what of this attack on women? Why are you trying to control personal decisions? The hateful rhetoric of killing babies? Where is the science supporting that having an abortion is murder? What was murder was not giving a women a safe way to deal with their personal decisions. And to take that to the extreme can you even imagine forcing a women to give birth to a rapist’s baby? Seriously, can you even conceive anything more heartless than that?

And the attack on the LGBT community? Like Pence passing state law that preempted city laws that offered farther protections to a persecuted segment of society? Followed by other states with republican governors like that is the new agenda now. It seems like you just keep taking the hate to the next level when you see you can get away with it.

Fear mongering equating the transgender as perverts, just like they did with the Mexican fear mongering

And what are these new attacks on transgender people and restrooms? Do you seriously think transgender people want to use public restrooms? No one wants to use a public restroom but sometimes you have no choice. You turn them into perverts out to get your women and children? You got some serious problems far greater than any transgender person has. You are hateful people.

Having to deal with a public restroom is one area a transgender person has to learn to deal with and there are already laws. Most transgender carry a letter from a doctor and in more progressive states they have the correct gender on their drivers license. To target them is cruel to say the least because the last thing they want is to stand out.

I have a tendency to be very political and when I read a story that concerns me I will often check out the comments, maybe even put in my two cents. I think the transgender and bathroom issues have generated the most hate. Uneducated people who know nothing but to vote for Donald Trump often say the most horrid things in comment sections. Thats your base isn’t it GOP? This is you? Are you preaching this hate? It is being generated by the states you control so it must be you.

So if you are wondering why people are so upset with the GOP stealing another election from our grasps, it is because you do not represent anything we hold dear. I moved to the west coast to live in a better place. A place more open minded and progressive with less hate. I am in dread of what you will try to do with our country. It is obvious you would like the people less educated, poor, and without healthcare. You are forming a government to attack the people and everything we stand for. Excuse us if we do not go quietly into the coming night!

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