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Where Were Our Senators?

January 15, 2017

Both voted on the side of big pharmaceutical and not the people.

I was not happy with the news I watched this morning. I saw some video that was disturbing to say the least. I posted the links at the end of this story.

Normally when an issue comes up I do not have to worry so much because I know our two State Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murry will not forget they are democrats and represent the people and vote the way I would expect them to.

Turns out I was wrong and a bill presented by Senator Bernie Sanders last week to allow people to import drugs from Canada in an effort to lower prices for all Americans was defeated, and by Democrats no less! And this was not the first time this bill was voted down.

This is a list of the Democrats who stood with Republicans to defeated this bill:

Michael Bennet – CO – 202-224-5852
Cory Booker – NJ – 202 -224-3224
Maria Cantwell – WA – 202-224-3441
Tom Carper – DE – 202-224-2441
Bob Casey – PA – 202-224-6324
Christopher Coons – DE – 202-224-5042
Joe Donnelly – IN – 202-224-4814
Martin Heinrich – NM – 202-224-5521
Heidi Heitkamp – ND – 202-224-2043
Bob Menendez – NJ – 202-224-4744
Patty Murry – WA – 202-224-2621
Jon Tester – MT – 202-224-2644
Kirk Warner – MT – 202-224-2023

Both our Senators voted against this.  Drug prices in Canada are half the cost of drugs here and anyone paying the highest drug prices in the world should be upset at our two senators who stopped you from paying less. And lets not even go into the ridiculous safety arguments.

Most the time we do not know what they are voting on and when we need to call them. Fortunately we can always call them after the fact and voice displeasure and maybe they will get tired of us doing that and act like progressives.

This democratic revolt against the people needs to end. You represent us, not the big pharmaceutical industry. We voted you into office and we demand you represent us or we will replace you. This is a democratic state in case you have forgotten and you are not irreplaceable.

And don’t forget about Cory Booker, or better yet, forget about Cory Booker in 2020, last person to nominate.

Here are some videos on this issue:









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