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IndivisibleSEA Update March 1st

March 6, 2017

Update on Tuesdays at the Federal Bldg: 2 of us at IndivisibleSEA went. Alicia and I were very glad we attended this regularly scheduled “office hour” with senatorial staff – Tuesdays at 11:30 in the south auditorium. Yesterday’s ended at about 12:45. Staff said full notes of every meeting are sent to the Senators. Email these staffers any time. Richard_Lazaro@Murray.Senate.Gov ; Tommy_Bauer@Cantwell.Senate.Gov

For anyone interested, here are my patchy notes:

Overall, 2 themes from staff: (1) Citizens need to identify the threats to our government, shine a light on each one, and inform the public. (2) “You guys are doing a great job! Like nothing else we’ve experienced in politics. Keep it up!”

  1. What can be done to mitigate the effects of Trump’s proposed EPA cuts (25% cut from budget, 20% of EPA employees to be laid off)? Staff said:
  • Pay attention to the Budget Reconciliation process, very tedious, but here’s where the details are. Don’t be distracted by disruptions and distractions set rolling by Trump’s White House
  • Call Congress, both Dems and GOPs
  • Call members of involved committees
  • Write letters to news editors and op-eds
  • Tell friends and family about developments

Later, commenting on the 60% increase to Defense budget (plus the cost of the wall) and on other budget cuts, e.g to NEH, PBS, NEA: “Tell your personal stories.”

  1. Why isn’t Cantwell co-sponsoring Senate Bill S.27, to form an independent commission to investigate the Russian interference w/ our elections. Murray is already a co-sponsor. Cantwellhas spoken out for a bipartisan investigation and for Sessions to recuse himself but is still deciding whether to co-sponsor.S.27
  2. An attendee wondered why the Senators aren’t supporting workers. Staff responded that Dems are still the party of the workers: supporting minimum wage; pay for overtime; paid family leave, opposing “Right-to-Work” states.
  3. Attendee objected to the “deafening silence” on domestic terrorism (Indian killed in a Kansas bar; anti-Semitic attacks, etc.). Staffers said they’d tell their Sens to speak out.
  4. Attendee wanted staff to thank Cantwell for sponsoring the “Affordable and Safe Prescription [eetc.] bill to lower cost of Rx, asked Murray’s position. Answer: Murray is ranking member the health (H.E.L.P.) Committee, as such shouldn’t sponsor a bill the committee will be sitting on, but will be working on the bill from that seat.
  5. Why won’t Murray filibuster Gorsuch? Ans: “a delicate dance,” he avoided answering many Dem Senators’ questions last month, now need to take enough time to hear what he says about LGBT rights, etc., to the Judiciary Committee in the 4 days of his hearings starting March 20.
  6. What’s happening with investigating Trump’s finances? CREW (Committee for Responsible Ethics in Washington) has filed a lawsuit against the Administration. Call your Reps, call Issa, call Chaffetz.
  7. How stop the lies about legalizing cannabis? Call, write, etc. and tell the truth: Sessions is wrong when he says crime went up in those communities; state budgets benefit from tax revenue. “Whenever you can, make the case for the beneficial economic impact of things you’re for, and the negative impact of things you oppose.”
  8. Much objecting to lack of town halls with Murray and Cantwell. Staff said the senators have HEARD concerned, vocal citizens, and planning is in progress for town halls during a spring recess.
  9. An attendee listed sites where you can see what votes are coming up: Sign up for tweets from our MOCs on Twitter; govtrack; Indivisible; 5 Calls; The Sixty-Five; Wall-Of-Us; DailyAction; Wendy Thrum, a CA blogger(?).


Judy Lightfoot,

Freelance Writer, Editor, Writing Coach


On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 7:32 AM, Judy Lightfoot <> wrote:

Please forgive me if you received this but live too far from Seattle to attend:

It’s #ResistTrumpTuesday

Have you been holding out on attending one of these yet? We need your help now more than ever!

Seattle Indivisible hosts the sixth weekly Resist Trump Tuesday rally on Tuesday, February 28th at 11am in front of the Federal Building (915 2nd Avenue in Downtown Seattle)

We will be asking Senators Murray and Cantwell to reject the remaining Swamp Cabinet nominees, filibuster SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch, protect the ACA, and withhold consent to gum up Trump’s hateful and unconstitutional agenda.

After the rally, we will attend office hours with the Senators’ staff. The event is open to all! If you would like to speak at the rally please email

Judy Lightfoot,

Freelance Writer, Editor, Writing Coach


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