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EPA Concerns | Washington Indivisible

March 15, 2017

Hi there fellow Washington Indivisible Guide Groups!
I found your contact information on the Indivisible Guide website. I am a member of Indivisible North Seattle, and I am participating in an Environment sub-committee. I have begun working with others like myself from several other Indivisible groups in the Seattle area.
We are feeling overwhelmed at the scope of task in front of us so we are looking for collaborators! We want to create a coalition of activists across Washington State who want to share information, coordinate research efforts and generate timely and effective Action Alerts that we can disseminate to our local IndivisibleGuide groups.
We want to work smart, decrease overlap and increase our impact!
Do you have folks who might be interested in collaborating? Please forward this message to them and have them contact me.  We are setting up a first ‘Summit’ for the end of March and hope to include as many as possible!
Thank you so much!
-Teresa Catford, Indivisible North Seattle
Current (starting-point) online presence for Indivisible WA Environment:
-Indivisible North Seattle’s Facebook group for Environment –
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