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Not Endorsing Justice Democrats

April 5, 2017

After the last election several organizations to promote change came into the spotlight. The best in my opinion has been Indivisible and Our Revolution but they were not alone. Another group called Justice Democrats also sprung up supported by The Young Turks network with the idea to replace corporate democrats. While this may seem like a good goal I feel we need to pick our battles and win back the house and senate first.

Here is an example I received today in a  recent mailing from Justice Democrats;

“The Senate is set to vote on the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch any day now. While Democrats are planning to filibuster, Mitch McConnell already has three Dem votes in his pocket. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and Joe Connelly (D-IN) have all stated their intention to vote for confirmation. The GOP needs eight Democrats to get the 60-vote majority. Thanks to these three, they only need five more to put a hardline right winger into a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court.  We deserve better than this. Help us power an aggressive primary challenge to these wannabe Democrats with a monthly donation.”

Now this may sound good and may even support a fundraising campaign, but it is not a smart move to highlight these democrats as traitors. Granted, money is a vital part of a campaign but it also has to be used in smart ways. I prefer to stick with our local fight like replacing a republican in the 8th district. Sure I was mad at our two senators for not supporting Bernie’s prescription bill and I let them know, but to even think of primary challengers is not the smart move. We need to go after the republicans before we think about fine tuning the party.  We are the minority party and changing that is the first priority.

Here is the thing, the democratic caucus does strategic planning. They needed 41 votes to filibuster and they had that. The three senators that are going along with this nomination are from red states that Trump won. They need to pick their battles carefully or they could be replaced with a republican. We didn’t need them for this vote. A primary challenge could help a republican in this case.

I have a pet peeve also and that is when I get an email highlighting something in the news and asking me for money to fight it. Half the time it is something that money would not even help or it is something we can not fight except for doing what we are doing and calling our representatives. In this example it is suggesting I make monthly donations to fight three democrats! I don’t so. I am not a republican. How is this justice?

The Young Turks have been pushing this Justice Democrats as a movement and promotes it as having thousands of volunteers to run and money to support their campaign while constantly asking for money. Lately it makes me question their motives. Some of the TYT people have been openly hostile to democrats except for Bernie. I am right behind Bernie but going after our minority democrats I feel is a mistake and going after republicans seems a lot smarter. While Progressive Ways supports progressive ideas and progressive democrats, we feel we are not in the position to throw other democrats under the bus while we are a minority. First things first.

While supporting people to take back local state governments is a valid concern, I am not convinced this is the primary focus of Justice Democrats. I can not support them going after democrats.

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