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April 25, 2017

From wonderful Indivisible Sylvia in Spokane – slightly edited. Let’s roll!

No One is Coming to Save You. This Life is 100% Your Responsibility. Resist Resistance Fatigue!

More coming out on the Trump-russia connections that we all know are very REAL.
  My faxes to Murray, Cantwell and CMR now plead with them to halt government business until investigations are complete.  If this administration if found to be illegitimate, then all actions, bills, confirmations since the coronation will be deemed to be non-binding. 

A “New and Improved” Trumpdon’tcare bill being rammed through since tRump NEEDS to have at least one major promise of his campaign made real.
  Tell your MoC: the consequences of this newly hatched plan will be even worse since they remove more protections and remove limits on premiums. 

Government shutdown
 on the budget request for The Wall – that no one wants or remotely needs.
  Call/fax/email to tell your MoCs we want full funding for social programs, Planned Parenthood, education, science, the environment – and NOT to make us a bigger international bully.

  • STILL NUMBER ONE!!!  Demand an Independent Commission to Investigate tRump-russia ties. 198 House Democrats and one House Republican have co-sponsored H.R.356, the Protecting Our Democracy Act. The bill would institute an independent commission of 12 nongovernmental appointees to fully investigate Russian interference in the 2016 elections. A similar bill in the Senate, S.27, now has 26 co-sponsors. Senator Murray is one of the co-sponsors.  Senator Cantwell still is NOT.  Urge her to stand up and be BOLD and to co-sponsor this bill.
  • Support HR305, the Presidential Tax Transparency Act.  The Presidential Tax Transparency Act (H.R. 305 in the House and S. 26 in the Senate) is a bipartisan bill that will require all Presidents and nominees for President by major U.S. political parties to release their tax returns to the public. Doing so voluntarily has been a decades-long tradition of transparency for holders of the highest office of the land.  Use for numbers and script!
  • Tell the EPA What You Think About the Destruction of Environmental Regulations.  Scott Pruitt’s EPA is seeking public comment on its aggressive rollback of climate and pollution regulations that protect public health and the environment. Leave a comment on the public docket.  This is yet another way to MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD in addition to calling and faxing our Senators and Representatives.  Under Primary Documents,  Click on the COMMENT NOW! Button. Add your comments in Support of EPA. Click on Your Review, and edit as necessary. Be sure to click Your Receipt before leaving the site. You’ll be able to view your comments as soon as you post.  PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! As of this morning, there were ONLY 1240 comments posted.  We need to absolutely FLOOD THIS SITE with serious, well thought-out comments. They can be simple:  “I support the EPA. I support my government using science-based regulations to provide our country with clean air, clean water and a healthy environment.”  Or they can be as detailed as you like. Personal concerns will be important to them. All serious comment will have to be considered. Frivolous comments, while tempting will just be a distraction.  COMMENT PERIOD ENDS MAY 15TH.
  • Stand with Students!  This past Tuesday, Secretary DeVos and President Trump rolled back President Obama’s long-overdue rules for student loan companies that were meant to protect more than 40 million borrowers with student loan debt. This completely wrong-headed move opens the door for corporations looking to make a quick buck on the backs of students — and it’s simply wrong.. Billionaires like Secretary DeVos and President Trump have never had to worry about what it feels like to default on their loans, but the truth is that if we raise our voices together, they can’t ignore us.. Add your name TO THIS PETITION put forth by our Senator Patty Murray to call on Secretary DeVos to help students — not debt collectors.
And from Click on any one of the MANY actions and you will be taken directly to numbers and scripts!
What’s important to you?
Other Resources:
  • US Gov Switchboard. 202-225-3121.  Just say the name of your MoC and they will connect you directly.  Again, be short, simple and kind.  You will be talking to stressed millennials. 
  •  Five (5!) free faxes per day.  No busy signals.  No full voicemails. At the very top of the page in very small font click on congressperson or senator.  Just fill in the cover page with your message.  You will receive an email for confirmation.

And a NEW ONE!  Resistbot.  Resistbot turns your texts into letters that are delivered to Senators and Representatives.  Just text Resist to 50409.  They find your elected officials – you provide the message. 

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