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Immigration Reform | Excellent Video!

May 16, 2017

A received this letter today and watched the trailer. I highly recommend watching it as it highlights exactly what is at stake, keeping families together. If a group can host the full movie, that would be great, as I did not see a local screening listed. Thank you for the letter Evan.


I am reaching out today because of your involvement in the Indivisible movement; advocating and fighting for our rights on a local and national level with Progressive Ways .The passion and dedication is invigorating. One critical issue facing us all right now is immigration reform. Perhaps Progressive Ways in Lea Hill,WA and others within your network may find inspiration in, an important and timely film about the fight to reunite families separated by deportation.

Here is a link to the film’s short trailer:

We would love to hear your thoughts on the film, Indivisible, and the importance of standing with and fighting for all the undocumented immigrants in our country. Do you have a few minutes to connect via phone this week to discuss how you can bring this film to your community?


Evan Flores

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