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Indivisible | Stop Trumpcare!

June 17, 2017


Note from Progessive Ways,

If you live in Washington, DON’T call your US Senator about opposing the TrumpCare bill currently under consideration. We already know both our Senators won’t vote for something this terrible.

Instead, ask them to withhold consent on all Senate business until Republicans agree to hold a public hearing on ACHA.




This is not a drill: TrumpCare will be decided in days

We cannot stress enough how critical the next few days are for stopping TrumpCare. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is working tirelessly to get the votes he needs to pass TrumpCare, and he’s almost got them. Only grassroots pressure will stop this terrible bill from getting through the Senate. The time to resist is now.

Let us be clear: Mitch McConnell will not schedule a vote on this bill unless he knows he’s sure he has enough votes to get it through. So if we wait until a vote is scheduled, it’ll be too late. Whether you have a Democratic or Republican Senator, the time to fight back is now.

Act Indivisible: Your Weekly To-Dos

  • First, visit to see our new resources. You’ll find our Stop TrumpCare in June Action Plan, containing everything you need to keep the Senate from ripping health care away from 23 million people.
  • As a reminder, these are the asks you should be making of your Senators and it’s critical that we turn up the heat:
    • For Democrats—it’s not enough for them to say they oppose TrumpCare. They need to resist, too. Demand that they slow down Senate business by withholding consent, and prepare to filibuster by amendment until and unless there are public hearings on TrumpCare.
    • For Republicanskeep calling, keep visiting local offices, plan coordinated sit-ins as soon as possible. The time to act is now. See our toolkit for guidance.
    • If you live in the ten frontline states—Maine, Alaska, West Virginia, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio—organize a coordinated sit-in as soon as possible. We also have daily call scripts for you to use, as well as a digital toolkit to spread the word.

New Weekly How-to: Identifying Partnership Opportunities

Our advocacy work can be greatly magnified when we partner with other local groups and coalitions. This resource, part 1 of 2, covers how to identify your partnership objectives and what to weigh when considering a partnership with another group.

Host a Resistance Community Cookout Next Weekend

We are partnering with MoveOn and other resistance groups to host Resistance Community Cookouts around the country next weekend and the weekend after. Want to host a BBQ for your group members and others in the resistance and talk to them about the health care fight and coordinate your activism? Sign up to host here.

Your work to stand indivisible in this fight to stop TrumpCare has never been more important. It’s time to turn up the heat on your Senators and protect the care of 23 million people.

We’re in this together.

In solidarity,

Ezra Levin
Co-Executive Director
Indivisible Project

P.S. Stay tuned tomorrow for a special email from our new National Organizing Director Isaac Bloom announcing a special project you’re going to want to hear about. | Donate

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