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June 29, 2017

Excellent message from Seattle’s PEACE Indivisibles:

As you know, the vote is DELAYED, not defeated. We can’t let up. The good news is the Democrats are firmly united in their efforts to derail this wretched bill.

Here’s what they are doing.

Slowing down business by withholding consent on everything BUT small things. Like wishing Scalise get well quick. Withholding consent does not STOP the bill, but it slows everything down, which is a good thing. The other thing they are doing is speaking on the floor of the Senate, one democrat after another why this bill is terrible, and how the ACA has helped so many people using stories from their constituents.

In addition the democrats are appealing to the Senate parliamentarian that banning Planned Parenthood (now for 1 year) is against the Hyde Amendment which prohibits Medicaid funds for paying for abortions except in very limited cases. By banning PP then their is no access even in the most extreme cases.And in a bit of good news, if they/we kill this bill, they have already communicated to the rest of the Senate Republicans and stand by this, Democrats will work with Republicans to repair the ACA as long as repeal is off the table.

They are using our stories (meaning all the stories that are coming in through Indivisible and all the other organizations.) Very important way to communicate the value of the ACA and what is going to be lost. By telling stories about people helped, especially through Medicaid that is a strong argument why Trumpcare is so horrible.

1. They need more stories. On the look out, especially in our state, but welcome from any state, of people, willing to go on record who are using Medicaid to fight Opioid addiction. These are particularly helpful. All stories are welcome. If you or someone else has a story, use Contact page on Cantwell’s or probably even better Murray’s page. She is the lead DEM on the Healthcare committee in the Senate. (Too bad she wasn’t on the 13-white men-creating-GOP healthcare bill!)

2. Keep up the calls. Cantwell’s office can’t be prescriptive as that isn’t the way things are supposed to work (candidate tell constituents what they need). But staff said calls are working.

3. Even calls to Senators not in our state. A useful list is in the trumpcare toolkit: Each senator’s office is different, but if you are courteous and heartfelt in telling your story, or why saving the ACA will give better care to more people say to Portman’s office, or Murkowski’s office. It doesn’t hurt to call outside our state. But don’t misrepresent yourself, as that undermines the whole system of believing callers.

As in all of these calls or tweets or fax’s real data, either your stories, or actually numbers can persuade.

4. Another important talking point is whenever you talk about Trumpcare say 22 MILLION PEOPLE WILL LOSE HEALTHCARE for a tax break for the richest among us. A tax cut disguised as healthcare. The GOP Senators don’t like this bill, but they have been talking about repealing Ocare for 7 years, now they are in a hard place. They have the opportunity and they just might do it! Because they don’t like their own healthcare bill, and have been threatening to repeal the ACA, they actually have no TRUE message on this bill. So they lie, etc, or just don’t talk about it! The Dems are talking a lot, in the news, on fB and social media and on the Senate floor about this terrible bill, and what from the ACA is good and what will be lost. When you communicate with other senators, other than our own, have a clear and simple message, like 22 million will lose healthcare. Or use the Trumpcare Toolkit for the most vulnerable senators, and quote how many will lose coverage in their state. f you call other Senators use, these tools!

5. Sending them amendments isn’t really useful. Creating a viable savvy amendment that will be in line with the budgetary requirements of this reconciliation bill is tough. FINALLY they feel like if they have to get to the amendment phase then McConnell already has the votes, and he can cut off amendments at any time and gavel for a vote. So better to spend our time calling, tweeting faxing and sending in stories.

More, if needed, at .

Hope this is helpful.


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