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Indivisible | National Day of Action Tuesday 7/18

July 13, 2017

Dear Indivisible Group Leader,

We’ve never done this before, but given the stakes it makes sense to do it now. For months, Indivisible groups have been showing up at congressional offices around the country to say no to TrumpCare. On Tuesday July 18th, our whole national network will be showing up together to say that TrumpCare would hurt our friends, our families and our country–and we’re not letting that happen without a fight.

Coordinated state-wide district office visits. We are encouraging Indivisible groups to plan visits to as many of their senators’ in-state offices as they can. Statewide will be the gold standard. We’ll be holding rallies outside while groups visit staffers inside offices, being as visible as possible. We’ll be leaving behind photos and stories of people impacted by TrumpCare for them to remember when they vote.

We’ve got a brand new toolkit out to help you plan your local Day of Action event.

Please register your event here so we can keep track of all the amazing work our groups are doing on the Day of Action and turn out more people (and media!). We want you on Maddow, CNN, in national press, and in your local papers. We want to turn out members from our other national partners to your events. We need every senator to see the intense opposition to TrumpCare back home as they prepare to cast their vote. If you register, we can amplify.

Yes, this is another critical moment. We know we’ve been fighting this fight for a long time. We wouldn’t be ringing the alarm bells now if we didn’t think this was a critical moment. McConnell wants a vote next week. We’ve beaten him before when he wanted a vote, but it took massive, coordinated local pressure. That’s what we want to help you orchestrate again.

Steel the spine of your senators and hold them accountable to you. They shouldn’t walk onto the Senate floor to vote without thinking of the many faces of their constituents who would be devastated by TrumpCare. Let’s continue standing Indivisible, and let’s win this thing.

In solidarity,

Ezra Levin
Co-Executive Director
Indivisible Project

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