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Our Terrible Hypocrisy With Saudi Arabia

July 19, 2017


Don’t kid yourself, Saudi executes people like this along with protesters. This is supposedly our ally that Trump danced with banishing a sword. Why, because of oil? We jump in bed with barbarians because of oil?

I remind you that most of the 9-11 hijackers and murderers came from Saudi Arabia. I remind you that Osama Bin Laden from from Saudi Arabia. I remind you that Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest supporters of terrorism in the Middle East and that they have Sharia law. This is a place where women can’t even drive a car.

And these are the people Donald Trump visited first and kissed up to. These are the people we supply with weapons so they can cruelly bomb their neighbors.



Seriously, is this a country we should have any dealings with at all except to condemn everything about them? One of first things Trump said in his speech was we do not judge them in any way. We don’t? Every free country on this planet should judge them as the backward barbarians that they are.


See the date on this video? He is still in prison and still facing execution.



We would not allow this behavior with any other ally of this country so why this exception with Saudi Arabia? Is it because they own so much US debt? With their complicity in 9-11 you really feel obligated they get paid back? How immoral is it for us to throw everything we believe in to have dealings with this murderous country?



I do not feel we should be allies with Saudi Arabia. I think it sends a really bad message on human rights. We rally against Sharia law but turn our backs on a ally that lives by Sharia law. These people do not deserve the support of the United States and we can get by just fine without their oil. In fact decisive moves by the US and our real allies could put pressure on the “royal family” of Saudi Arabia to join the modern world.



The only women there are the ones who came with the Trump party because Saudi women are rarely allowed out of the house. They are reduced to slaves in a harem and face those very swords with a beheading if they act out like they are free.


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