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August 12, 2017

A Summary of This Week’s Indivisible Actions:

  1. Help us communicate with you and other leaders by sending group leaders you know this link to get on our special email list just for group leaders.
  2. RSVP here for the DACA Day of Action August 15th! We’re working with our partners at United We Dream to fight the Trump administration action against children and immigrants. Part of being a good partner is showing up. Turn out to one of their events here.
  3. Tune into a special Facebook Live on Monday at 8:30PM ET. We’ll welcome a special guests from United We Dream to talk with Indivisible policy staff about DACA and other immigration priorities for recess, including how you can take action now. You can tune in here.
  4. Rally to protect the Special Counsel investigation. We’re partnering with other progressive groups to take to the streets in the event that Trump fires Mueller. Sign up to host or attend an event here.
  5. Turn up the August heat on Congress. We have everything you need keep talking to your MoCs about TrumpCare, Tax Reform, Immigration, the Budget, the Environment, and Russia. Check out the full toolkit here at our August recess site! And don’t forget to register your events so we can spread the word.
  6. Ask questions confidently at town halls. Check out our new short video to create your own mic-drop moment at your MoC’s town hall.


Dear Indivisible Group Leader,

This has been an incredible week. Groups have been holding their members of Congress (MoCs) accountable at town halls (check out this great Washington Post piece), events, and at their neighbors’ doors all over the country. Your advocacy today is not only impacting the legislative process, it’s also defining the candidates of next year. Check out the first campaign ad citing our ‘missing member’ town halls against a vulnerable, TrumpCare-supporting congressman. It demonstrates what we’ve been saying all along—advocacy and electoral strategies are inextricably linked.

While we’re holding MoCs accountable for their votes on TrumpCare and sharing our thoughts with them on the next big issues, President Trump continues to entangle himself in an ever-expanding web of Russian ties. He’s trying to distract the public by targeting immigrants and threatening nuclear war with North Korea. All of this illustrates how important our work is to stop his agenda at every turn. We’ve got a lot of resources below to keep up the pressure.


Great work, Meryl from Indivisible Columbus CD3 (Ohio) and Chris from The Indivisible 12th (Illinois). They both found their lawmakers at public events and put them on the spot about their votes, respectfully and persistently.

Connect us with your fellow Indivisible group leaders.

We’re putting this right up top because it’s such a big part of our ability to do good work: We’ve heard that there a Indivisible group leaders who don’t get these weekly Indivisible group leader emails. That just makes it harder to spread the word on how local groups can have impact. To be sure that group leaders and the Indivisibles on their team are receiving as much information as possible, including calls to action, policy explainers, the read out on our listening tour, and new tools and programs, it’s crucial that every group leader is on our email list.

Help us get these local leaders in the loop! Share this link with leaders on your team and other group leaders you know. This will allow them to sign up for these weekly Saturday group leader emails. And that will help us get the right information to everyone who needs it — boosting the impact of the movement. Team work!

Stand with immigrants and show up for the DACA Day of Action on August 15th.

This coming Tuesday is the fifth anniversary of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, a program that has provided safe harbor to live and work in our communities for 800,000 Americans who arrived in the U.S. as children. With Trump in office, these young people are facing the unthinkable prospect of being ripped from their homes and shoved into the deportation pipeline.

To show Congress that you stand with DACAmented youth and immigrants on Tuesday, join an event near you. Click here to find your local event or to host one.

Facebook Live: Monday, 8/14

If you want to learn more about DACA and other immigration priorities for recess, tune in to our Facebook page this Monday, August 14th, at 8:30PM ET for a Q&A with our policy team and a special guest from United We Dream.
Click here for our Facebook page where the livestream will appear Monday night.

Get prepared to stand up for our democracy if Trump fires Mueller.

We could have a deepening constitutional crisis on our hands. Trump is considering firing the man investigating Trump and his inner circle, special counsel Robert Mueller.  If this happens, our immediate response will determine the future of our democracy.

We’re partnering with Public Citizen,, and many others to prepare emergency “Nobody is Above the Law” rallies that will happen directly following the firing should it occur.  We are getting organized now, so that we will be prepared should this awful event come to pass.  Now is the time to sign up to host a rally at a congressional office in your area. If there already is a rally in your area, please attend someone else’s rally—the protest will be more effective if the rallies are LARGE.

When President Nixon in the Saturday Night Massacre demanded the firing of Archibald Cox, the special prosecutor looking into Watergate, Congress and the American people recognized that for what it was—a turning point and a crisis that would later spell the end of the Nixon presidency.  Should Trump cross this red line and fire Mueller, we need the outcry to be swift and fierce.  Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.

Get smart with our August recess policy materials.

It was a relatively quiet week for policy, since the Senate and House are both now home (or hiding) for recess. Remember: recess is your time. It’s an opportunity to connect with your two senators and one representative, and to tell them what matters to you. This August, we hope you’re able to meet with your MoCs—if they’re not hiding from you.

Even when your MoCs are hiding, Indivisibles are getting great headlines by “bird-dogging” their MoCs at public events. Check out our August recess toolkit pointers on “bird-dogging” your MoC at public events.

We’ve got everything you need in our recess toolkit to talk to your MoC about TrumpCare, the Trump tax scam, the budget, immigration, the Mueller investigation, and the environment. It’s especially important to talk to MoCs about TrumpCare and tax reform:

  • TrumpCare Accountability. This week, the Freedom Caucus in the House filed a “discharge petition” that—if they have the vote—could force a vote in the House on repealing the Affordable Care Act. We also heard Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) will unveil a new TrumpCare bill as early as next week for introduction after Labor Day. Neither of these developments are immediate threats but they underscore the need for continued accountability on health care. Let’s make sure we close off any opening that Republicans think they have to start picking up momentum again. Use our toolkit to keep TrumpCare dead.
  • Tax cuts for the rich– This is the next legislative priority for Donald Trump and congressional Republicans. Their plan is to give massive tax cuts to the rich, paid for by taking away Medicaid, Medicare, and funding for other basics. Tell your MoCs that you won’t accept Trump’s tax scam using our toolkit.

Ask the tough questions on Trump’s North Korea escalation.

With Trump turning to his favorite medium—Twitter—to dictate his reckless, inflammatory doctrine on North Korea, we know you’re looking for answers from your MoCs on how we can de-escalate the situation.

We need measured leadership to avoid a showdown with North Korea; leadership that leverages every diplomatic tool we have. Tell your MoC to do everything they can to stop Trump from leading us closer to a nuclear catastrophe. Find our suggested town hall questions here.

Make your voice heard at town halls.

Town halls are your time to shine this August recess, and just two weeks in, MoCs are feeling the pressure on health care, Russia, and a host of other issues—thanks to you. This week, watch our new video in partnership with NextGen America on how to confidently ask questions at a town hall, and create your own mic-drop moment. Check out our resource, “How to Stand Indivisible at Town Halls,” for more info.

Click here to watch all five August recess videos.

NEW: Recess Toolkit Updated with Events from Town Hall Project

We’re excited to announce that our friends at Town Hall Project

have shared information about dozens of town halls happening this August with us to help our groups track their MoCs over recess. You can find the town halls, plus all our Indivisible groups’ events, at this link.

Town Hall Project researchers do an incredible job of making sure you have the information you need to show up and be heard. You should consider making a donation to them so they can continue this important work.

Finally, take some time for yourself.

August is often a time that people take vacation and spend time with their families—at least prior to 2017. Instead, you’ve been doing what it takes to make sure that Congress is responsive to the American people rather than Donald Trump. We know what that takes. Thank you for the work you’re doing. Keep it up, but take time to be with your family and friends, too. If we’re to stand indivisible together for the long haul, it’s important to take some time to recharge — now’s your chance to do that. We’ll be here when you’re back, and together we will keep winning.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team | Donate

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