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The Never Ending War

August 22, 2017

What does winning look like? We lose with every death. Are you tired of winning yet?

Sixteen years and still the same policy in Afghanistan. I don’t think we will ever end this war because no one can tell you what winning looks like. Certainly not Donald Trump. I am of the opinion that the only way this war will end is when people stop enlisting and the draft is restored.

Only then will enough people scream “STOP” when they lose family members. This is how Vietnam ended and Afghanistan is already beyond that useless war. The only ones winning in Afghanistan are weapon and bomb makers. After all, who else has won anything there?

You can’t possibly think the world is safer by any means. Sure we made flying safer so terrorists use trucks and bombs now. Sure they are killing less at a time than 9-11 and air planes but they never stopped killing.

Perhaps all our wars give them the incentives they need to kill back. Killing does not stop killing. No one figured that out yet? How helpless do you have to feel to get behind the wheel of a truck and give your life to just kill as many of the enemy as possible? Yes, you represent what your government does. When they bomb innocent civilians it is on you. You know that is how they feel, right?

This is also a war that is kept a dirty secret and that does not help either. No one talks about this ongoing war and it is not mentioned on the news anymore. If anyone else remembers Vietnam, they certainly recall how the war was in the news every day. Out of sight, out of mind but people are dieing every day.

Trillions of dollars go to war instead of the people of this country. People are dieing in this war on both sides to no end. Trump is not changing that. He can’t even tell you what winning looks like there. Thats the problem with a “War on Terror” because terror never ends.

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