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Trump Is What Trump Does

September 29, 2017

Growing up I have often heard the phrase, “Pretty is what pretty does”, pertaining to girls. Despite always wondering what the hidden meanings were, I will take it at its most basic meaning in that good girls do good things, or do them good… Recently I was thinking Trump is what Trump does.

A popular GOP talking point is that we hate Trump because Hillary lost, get over it. I wish that was the case, I really do. We are talking about the same Donald Trump? The one who disrespects women, minorities, LGBTQ individuals? That calls women, “dogs”, who may take a different stand than he does. That mocks the disabled and war heroes while he avoided the draft?

There are an almost overwhelming number of reasons to dislike Donald Trump, the politician, the person, and the proven con man. A person who has declared bankruptcy more than 99.99% of all Americans and has sued almost everyone he knows who ever disparaged him or asked him to pay the money he owed them. What he does do is a never ending list of horrible things to divided the Americans he is suppose to represent.

He has never even came out as the president of all Americans except for his swearing in. And now he tries to undo all the social progress of decades either directly or indirectly.

I was following a case where his justice department is defending the right of an employer to fire a person for being gay. I thought we were far beyond that as a country but apparently making America great again is a return to discrimination in the guise of religious freedom. Did you know that the Nazi soldier’s belt buckles said in German, “God is with us”? God is with us is an unconstitutional state of affairs in our country.

And now he attacks black athletes for peaceful protest and many ask, just what is the acceptable form of protest? Its simple not a good time to be a minority because Trump’s version of a great America hates you and would rather see you gone. There is no doubt in my mind if he could get away with it, he would deport blacks because they were brought here illegally as slaves. I truly hope I didn’t just give him ideas.

I get really angry when someone suggests, “I just hate Trump because Hillary lost”, because it is an ineffective assumption. I have far too many real reasons to hate Donald Trump and they pile up every day in the news and ignorant tweets. Because Trump is what Trump does and it is usually despicable. When is the GOP going to come to its senses and say enough is enough?

Right back at you Donald Trump!

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