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October 8, 2017



Trump didn’t win the election, he won the Electoral College. Before the next Presidential election, we should do something to fix that, which means we need to take action now.

The Presidential race in America is the only election where the person who gets the most votes on Election Day can end up losing the election.  One out of every ten Presidents have been elected despite losing the popular vote.  That’s simply undemocratic, so let’s fix it.

Click on the link below to support the campaign to fix the Electoral College:

If the Electors were forced to do the will of the American people and follow the results of the popular vote, then he would not have won.  Trump is sitting in the White House simply because of the Electoral College, so let’s make sure that never happens again.

Our friends over at Equal Votes have a genius strategy of using the courts to dismantle the Electoral College using the tried and true legal argument of “one person, one vote.”  Guided by some of the country’s top litigators and legal minds, they’re planning on fixing the most useless, undemocratic part of American elections.  So we want to help them.

Click here to help Equal Votes fix the Electoral College through the Supreme Court.

It’s time for every vote in America to be counted equally when it comes to electing the next President.  If we take action now, we can fix this problem before the next Presidential election.

Thank you for supporting free and fair elections in America.

Keep resisting,

Ryan and the ATA team

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I received the above email today and decided to check them out. I checked out the Equal Votes Web Site and found it informative and they do have a plan. I am always on the look out for people who use our political dilemma to solicit money and I screen those out. I am passing this one along as their plan to use the courts on a reasonable premise could, in my opinion, work. All I am saying is that this is worth checking out.



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