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Indivisible | Recess to-dos

October 14, 2017

Your weekly Indivisible to-dos:

  1. 2018 is coming. But what can Indivisible groups do to impact the elections? We know you want to know how to get involved in elections. This Thursday, we’re hosting a webinar with Bolder Advocacy to discuss how groups across the country can have an impact on elections! RSVP now for our webinar on Thursday about engaging in elections at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

    AND! Don’t forget to visit Indivisible HQ ( to sign up for our password-protected website. This week we’ve added the webinar on local group endorsements, and the document version of “election laws and your group” to the site! Be sure to register your account now. (Use the following password to access the website: WeStand1nd1v1s1ble)

  2. This week’s #TrumpThreatLevel. After withdrawing from UNESCO and moving to decertify the Iran Deal, Trump continued to isolate the US from our allies around the world. Be sure to check out our running list of ways Trump is making us less safe and use it to put pressure on your Member of Congress to call out his warmongering.

  3. The House is on recess now. Show up and make your voice heard. From demanding Congress combat Trump’s latest sabotage of our health care system and pass a clean DREAM Act, to defeating the #TrumpTaxScam, we have everything you need to take action on our October Recess website at

Dear Indivisible Group Leaders,

No rest for the weary, folks. This week, the Senate goes back in session and the House goes on recess for a week. But before we go over your recess to-dos, we want to share an important update about the wildfires ravaging Northern California.

Thousands of firefighters are battling more than 20 wildfires in Northern California. People have lost their homes and livelihoods. And dozens of people have lost their lives. You can read Indivisible Sonoma County’s blog post with action alerts and ways you can get involved.

And you can contribute to the North Bay Fire Relief fund to support those affected by the wildfires.

New webinar: election laws and your group
2018 is coming. And we’ve been hearing from Indivisible groups that you want to know how to get involved in elections and what restrictions incorporating would bring. Groups across the country can have a big impact on elections (read: win). As a volunteer, there are a variety of ways you can get involved! On Thursday at 8 PM, we’ll be joined by Bolder Advocacy for a presentation about engaging in elections.

When: Thursday, October 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT
What: A conversation about
Who: Group Leaders, the Indivisible Organizing Department, and Bolder Advocacy
RSVP for the conversation here.


Tune in to Facebook Live on MONDAY
10/16 at 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT
This week, we’ll discuss the Muslim Ban 3.0 and how you can stand up to declare No Muslim Ban Ever this Wednesday, October 18th.

This week’s #TrumpThreatLevel
From insulting allies in just 140 characters and disrespecting international institutions to threatening diplomacy and moving us closer to a new war (take a deep breath), the risk that Donald Trump poses to the security of the United States escalated dramatically this week. (Check out our running list of the ways Trump is making us less safe.)

  • Thursday, Trump’s Administration decided to pull out of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). This move insults our global friends and partners, and disengages from the world at a time when global partnership is crucial.
  • Trump moved closer to war with Iran by announcing he would decertify the Iran nuclear deal. This puts us all in immediate danger, but Congress can stop it: see our new resource here and call your Members of Congress today.

This week on Capitol Hill
The Senate was on recess this week and the House is on recess now! We know. Do these people ever work? But don’t worry! We have you covered with everything you need to take action over the next week in our latest recess toolkit.

  • Congress must pass a bipartisan health care stabilization bill. On Thursday, Trump took two executive actions in his attempt to sabotage the Affordable Care Act and do some of what Senate Republicans were unable to do (twice). First, he issued an executive order designed to siphon healthy people out of the regular insurance markets; then, he ordered that the administration stop making payments to insurers that they depend on to provide financial assistance to low-income consumers. Both actions will result in higher premiums and more uninsured Americans…and will cost taxpayers more than just making sure people can get coverage. Read our explainer, and tell your member of Congress and senators that they must support a bill to protect consumers and stabilize insurance markets.

  • We need a clean #DreamActNow. Let’s be clear: DREAMers aren’t bargaining chips for increased detention and deportations, a border wall, and putting a target on undocumented parents. It’s time for your Member of Congress to take a stand. Read our explainer and demand that your representative and senators take the “DREAMer Pledge.”

  • Tell the administration: #NoMuslimBanEver. Trump’s third attempt at a refugee ban (adding Chad, North Korea, and Venezuela and removing Sudan) takes effect on October 18. On 10/18, we’re joining dozens of organizations including Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Asian Law Caucus, Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)’s San Francisco-Bay chapter, MPower Change, and MASA Organizing to fight against Trump’s white supremacist agenda and declare: No Muslim Ban Ever. Visit to find what you need to take action.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

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