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Holidays and Religion, A Personal Commentary

December 22, 2017

I was at a community holiday potluck yesterday. It’s the kind of events that come up every holiday, especially the ones claimed by religious sects. Someone thought it was a good idea to read from a religious text and even sing. I felt insulted. My being there was not my acceptance of their faith. A belief in Santa and reindeer is as valid as any other silly idea.

My believes are far more complex than religion could ever reach because I believe in science. I look at humanity’s accomplishments. I accept the fact that we have sent probes into space and even landed on the moon. I believe that man made satellites orbit our planet, and we have advanced medicine that understand how we are made. I also believe the “good parts” of religion do not need religion to exist, that it is another false claim of religion to claim “righteousness”.

I also believe religion is the enemy of science. How it denies science to control people or set hostile corporate agendas. How governments use religion to twist people up and even coerce someone to kill another person based on their religious believes.

I suppose the thing that bothers me most is that I see religion as dangerous. To me, someone preaching religion is trying to recruit people to the occult. They are wanting me to suspend my believes at how destructive I think they are. How hypocritical I think they are to preach this stuff and then use a cell phone or go to a doctor.

If someone needs a higher being, I will tell you, I have gotten pretty damn high in my life and feel that may qualify me. I am the highest being I know for sure of and I will not try to sell you some ridiculous bullshit either, (comedy aside). Everything I will tell you is based on real education and if I do not know something, I will find the answer. We have the internet after all until Comcast feels us unworthy.

But getting back to that diner, how am I suppose to respond, just shut up and take this? That everyone is entitled to their believe even if it defies logic or science? No, I do not think that is fair at all. I merely suggest keeping the crazy stuff private or in your own groups. That should be common sense. Next time someone may want equal time and it may go against your believes. Is this really how we want to observe the holiday, making it political?

If this commentary offends you, remember I am entitled to my believes no matter what you may think of them and it was your choice to click a link! But I think we can all agree to extend Happy Holidays to all, and Donald Trump even gave us permission to say Merry Christmas. (Good of him to do that.)  I am sure this will come up again Easter 🙂


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