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AARP : Hearing Aids In Medicare

February 16, 2018


AARP Advocacy Alert
Dear Billie:ACTION ALERT: Please Contact Your Representative Today! And ask them to support funding hearing aids in Medicaid.

Thank you for your support and activism as we continue our work to restore funding for hearing aids in Washington State.

We have another hurdle to cross tomorrow, Friday, February 16th. The House Appropriations Committee will make more decisions about what gets included in their budget.  Unfortunately, hearing aids still aren’t included.  We have funding support from Governor Inslee and the Senate.

Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aid devices and Medicaid will only cover a hearing test, not the actual device.  Add to this an estimated 650,000 residents who are currently affected by hearing loss and the possibility that up to 50% of our growing 75+ population will experience hearing loss, it is certain that we need to reinstate coverage.

At this link, you’ll find a webform you can send to your legislator who is a member of the Appropriations Committee. You can send the form “as-is” or edit with your own words. Expressing your own opinion makes your email more effective.

Hearing aids can positively affect quality of life for both the wearer and their family by reducing feelings of depression, anxiety, and social isolation. We need to take steps to ensure low-income Washingtonians who are experiencing hearing loss can remain active, hold a job, and get around independently. It can save our state money in the long run.

Please tell your representative that the time is now for the House of Representatives to include hearing aid funding in their final operating budget.

Cathy MacCaul
Advocacy Director, AARP Washington

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