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Want to do voter registration and GOTV? Common Purpose!

March 7, 2018

I’m writing because I attended the Common Purpose kickoff in Seattle last Saturday. Attendance was over 150. The movement has two goals: to help people be politically active together (doing things beyond Indivisible calls to MoCs) and to foster a sense of community attachment among members. They have an impressive, diverse staff of over a dozen well-spoken people from age 16-60+ to help members get their work done.

Wave 1 is Voter Registration. A friend and I are talking about setting up a table at our nearest Farmers Market. Wave 1 lasts for a few months, then Wave 2 focuses on GOTV. We’re sending people (who can and want to go) to work in Washington State’s 5th and 8th districts, as well as to battlefield states like PA and WI. This means that you may be able to be active members even if you live in areas outside the Puget Sound region. Each “distant” area has a Common Purpose staffer to organize and assist members.

Here’s a way you can join or at least attend next meeting (Saturday March 17) and find out what’s going on – .

More info is on FB.

What do you think?

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