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March 18, 2018

Your weekly to-do’s:

  • It’s almost time for spring recess! While you were out calling for action on gun violence, your senators were busy deregulating Wall Street. Now it’s time to plan for recess and hold them accountable — check out our spring recess resource now!

Dear Group Leaders,

Coming off of a key special election win in Pennsylvania’s 18th District, we’re feeling more energized than ever. These moments will just keep coming our way in 2018, so soak in that 🌊🌊🌊 energy now! We’ve got a busy week ahead of us, but also make sure to take the time to build the groundwork for recess coming up next week.

This recess, we’re ready to face our elected officials and remind them that they work for us. After Parkland, we’ve seen and heard endless calls for action across the country from Indivisibles, students, and even individual members of Congress. Yet, Congress has focused on things like unraveling consumer protections and protecting big banks.

Recess is just one way you can get face time with your MoCs and hold them accountable for:

  • Their inaction to reduce gun violence
  • Their votes to unravel Wall Street reform
  • Their votes for the GOP tax scam (yes, stay mad about it)
  • …and so much more.

Spring recess begins March 24 (which also happens to be the March for Our Lives!) and ends on April 8. That gives you plenty of time to get together with your group, find a recess event near you, and start planning the ways you’ll hold your MoCs accountable. So be sure to read our recess toolkit and start working now!

This week on Capitol Hill

  1. End Trump’s illegal war in Yemen: support S.J. Res. 54. This bipartisan resolution is a rare opportunity for Congress to take back its constitutional war making authority, and declare Trump’s war in Yemen unauthorized. You can review our resource for more information about the situation in Yemen and use our call script to call both your senators.
  2. There’s still time to stop Congress from increasing funding for Trump’s deportation force. The government runs out of money on March 23, but this time they’ll pass an “omnibus” spending bill that will go through September (instead of a short-term “continuing resolution,” like the kind they’ve been passing for months). Negotiations are nearly done, but one remaining issue is the funding level for immigration enforcement activities. You can make a difference by telling your MoCs that you oppose more funding for Trump’s deportation machine. Use our resource and call script to call your MoCs.

This week’s Trump Threat Level

  • Trump worked with outside conservatives to purge the State Department. Documents obtained by Reps. Elijah Cummings and Eliot Engel indicate that the White House and State Department worked together with outside conservatives like Newt Gingrich to drive career civil service officials out of the government. This ideological purge has contributed to our diplomatic corps being drained of the expertise it needs to manage the Trump Threat Level.
  • The Iran Deal is in trouble. Trump’s new Secretary of State choice, Mike Pompeo, is a known war hawk and opponent of diplomacy with Iran. With reports that Trump is itching to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, placing Pompeo at the helm of State could help the administration bring us closer to war with Iran.
  • Trump nominated a torturer to lead the CIA. Trump’s pick to head the CIA, Gina Haspel, is a war criminal. She ran the CIA’s “black site” in Thailand, where detainees were secretly held and tortured. She also helped destroy video evidence. She is unfit to lead the CIA at the best of times, but with Trump in charge, she poses even more of a threat.

Visit for a running list of all the ways Trump makes us less safe and our latest foreign policy resources.

Indivisibles in PA-18 pulled off an incredible victory!

Indivisible Mt. Lebanon and Progress 18 PA, with their coalition partners PA Together, shocked the political world by pulling off an incredible victory in PA-18!

Democrat Conor Lamb won the special election on Tuesday with just 627 votes in a district that went for Trump by 19 points in 2016. And IndivisiVolunteers helped make a difference: 1,556 national volunteers completed 2,917 text-banking shifts during the last two weeks of the election. All together, they sent 108,828 texts to voters in the district!

We got an on-the-ground account of all of the work that went into this incredible victory from Lynne Hughes, a group leader with Indivisible Mt. Lebanon. Here’s Lynne’s story:

A progressive organization put out a call for community meetings after the 2016 election and I decided to host one and expected maybe five people to show — but over 25 people attended (one person had just seen a sign and walked in from the street!). We left the meeting fired up, and during our second meeting, someone stood up with the Indivisible guide, and said, ‘we should follow this!’ And it answered so many of the questions we had and focused our activism toward our local congressman, former Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA).

Mondays with Murphy became a feature or our organizing work during the battle to save the Affordable Care Act, and it was a personal battle for me. I was born in 1983 with a congenital heart disease and have had four open heart surgeries — I knew I had a moral obligation to protect other children born with congenital heart defects whose lives the ACA benefits and protects.

After we saved the ACA, Rep. Murphy announced he would resign from Congress. We quickly mobilized and worked to elect Conor Lamb since November. Since PA-18 is so large, we set up canvassing stations all around the district in a ton of neighborhoods. And all this effort paid off — Conor won with just 627 votes! Our group is elated with Conor’s victory, all of our work since early 2017 has paid off. And with the new congressional map for our state, we know we can elect even more progressives to Congress in November!

All of our coalition leaders in the 18th district organizing around a kitchen table in Washington, PA on Superbowl Sunday! (I’m the second from the right)

When people tell you something is impossible, just ignore them — believe in the impossible and never give up. The fact I’m alive should be impossible, so I’ve always believed in the impossible. People said it couldn’t be won (Democrats didn’t even field a candidate in PA-18 in 2014 and 2016), but we made it happen! This week’s victory should prove to you and every American if they put in the work and put up a fight, any district is winnable!

So if you haven’t yet, pick up a clipboard, your phone, and get to work! District-by-district, state-by-state, we are building the big blue wave that’ll sweep progressives into office all across the country in November.

Has your group made an endorsement?

We can’t wait to start going through the candidates that your Indivisible groups have assessed, voted for, and submitted for national endorsement. If your Indivisible group made an endorsement in this round, make sure that members of your group are on our list so they can vote! Send them this form and make sure they’re signed up before we send out the first ballots on March 28.

Your members will only be able to vote if they’re on our list before we send that email out, so make sure they sign up today.

April showers bring November power — start fundraising today!

During the month of April, groups that use Indivisible’s fundraising tool have the opportunity to participate in a joint fundraising campaign by hosting a house party, running a digital campaign, or holding another event to raise funds for your group’s upcoming actions. All groups that participate and raise $250 in April will be entered in a drawing to win an additional $1,000 that can be used to support future actions! All the resources you need to get started can be found on IndivisibleHQ.

If you’re interested in taking part in this campaign or want start fundraising on your own, select one person from your group to be the treasurer and fill out the application here. You’ll need to log in to to access these pages. If you haven’t already registered, just go to, use the password WeStand1nd1v1s1ble to access the page, and create your own login.

Join us as we continue to build power (and make it rain donations!) so you have the resources you need leading into November’s midterm elections.

Take it to the streets!

Students at more than 3,000 schools walked out on Wednesday on the one-month anniversary of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Next Saturday, we’re taking our MoCs’ thoughts and prayers in the wake of Parkland and turning them into action with March for Our Lives. There will be more than 760 sibling marches all over the country led by our nation’s youth, and we’re proud to join them and follow their lead. Find an event near you and demand that we end gun violence in our schools and in our communities.

After Saturday, be sure to keep the momentum going. Our friends at National School Walkout, who have more than 1,600 school walkouts planned on April 20, have a brand new website up with resources and much more! Check out their new site and share widely with youth in your communities planning walkouts.

Use. Your. Power.

We saw this week in PA-18 that we have more power when we join together, and work towards the change we want to see in our country. From defeating Trumpcare to owning important elections — when we fight, we win. Use that power and channel it into the next few weeks and months. Change is coming this year, we can feel it.

In solidarity,

The Indivisible Team


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