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Universal Healthcare in Washington State Can Happen

March 20, 2018

Dear Washington State Universal Healthcare Advocates-

Recently we endorsed I-1600, a ballot measure written and submitted by Whole Washington. Whole Washington is a grassroots group of citizens and healthcare professionals determined to bring universal healthcare coverage to Washington State through their ballot initiative (I-1600).

I-1600 has been certified by the WA Secretary of State, and the signature drive has begun, with a goal of over 300,000 signatures by July 2018.

This is our chance.

Universal Health Care is an essential human right.  This initiative guarantees that right to the citizens of Washington State.  With your help, I-1600 will be presented to the voters of Washington State in the November 2018 General Election, but the campaign URGENTLY needs your financial support and signature gathering volunteers to make that a reality. Every volunteer gathered signature saves our campaign ~$3.00!

Initiative campaigns are terribly expensive, but so too are out-of-control health care costs driven by greed. Together, we the citizens of Washington State have the power to take control of our healthcare and save billions of dollars in the process.

To make this a reality, funds are immediately needed and will be applied to the hard costs of  doing everything possible to deliver sufficient numbers of valid signatures to put I-1600  Universal Health Care on the ballot in Washington State for the November 2018 general election. Contributions can be made via ActBlue or CrowdPac.

Together, we will make history and once again lead the nation in doing what is right.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact Whole Washington for more information:

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