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Raid On Syria | Opinion

April 16, 2018

Good to hear of no reports of casualties from Operation Desert Stormy* in Syria over “alleged” and “suspected” chemical weapon use. I am surprised how we were able to drag France and Britain into this and would love to know how much this cost the American taxpayer. And less than a week after Donald Trump declared we would be out of Syria “real soon” and how all the war hawks screamed bloody murder over that.

I suppose the biggest problem I have with all this is that there was zero proof of a chemical weapon attack and came at a time when Assad has already been declared the winner in this conflict. What could possibly be their motive in a gas attack? Everyone who has raised this point was silenced. Big media loves jumping on this war bandwagon as I guess it makes great news.

It bothers me when Congress says we must cut every program that helps Americans but increased military spending because we always have the money for missile attacks. Too many people are getting rich on the USA staying in a state of perpetual war. And Donald Trump addresses the nation and we are suppose to believe anything he says now?

I can’t help but wonder if this will be enough to change the focus from Trump, Stormy, and Cohen? The media seemed real conflicted on what was the bigger story, this or proof that Cohen was in Prague in 2016, substantiating the Steele dossier that also contends Russia has the pee tapes on Trump. He did warn Russia the strikes were coming in a tweet. Did he tell them exactly where we would attack?

This is why honesty from the leader of this country means something because we do not know what to believe from any of them. He goes after the career people in our country and replaces them with his unskilled hacks. You either accept everything Trump says or you are the enemy. Going after Trump is an attack on our country, he told you that himself this last week!

* Credit Bill Maher for the term “Desert Stormy”.

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