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Exciting electoral update | From Indivisible

May 14, 2018

Your weekly to-do’s:

  1. Get ready for the next phase of Indivisible’s electoral work! Announcing the formation of Indivisible Action — a key next step for our movement to mobilize voters this November, and to access powerful tools to do it.
  2. Register for Indivisible’s Pacific Northwest Regional Institute! The Indivisible Organizing team will bring together groups from across the West for the next Regional Institute in Portland, Oregon on June 16 and 17. Get the details and RSVP today.
  3. Check out the latest updates from Capitol Hill. Gina Haspel’s confirmation and protecting net neutrality in the Senate. Immigration and cuts to food assistance in the House. It’ll be a busy week of votes on Capitol Hill — make sure to read below for the latest and take action now!
  4. Review the #TrumpThreatLevel. Trump decided to pull us out of the Iran Deal, despite the advice of his advisers and our closest allies. Check out the Trump Threat Level below for more details on that decision, as well as our running list of all the ways Trump has made us less safe.
  5. Take two minutes to share your thoughts. We’re collecting feedback on the group leader emails and we want to hear from you. If you haven’t yet, take our quick survey and let us know what you think.
  6. Register your events on the Indivisible map. Each week, any events registered by group leaders on our new and improved events map by Friday at 11:59pm ET will now go out to all Indivisible supporters in your area in the Saturday email. Get your events registered here.

Dear Group Leaders,

Indivisible groups in every corner of this country (no, really. You’re e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.) are building momentum and building power. Registering voters. Endorsing candidates. Running for office– and winning. We won’t stop until we’ve built a blue wave big enough to crash the Trump agenda for the rest of this administration. You’re off to a phenomenal start and we know you’re ready for even more.

We’ve got you covered.

Our movement is about to launch one of the most ambitious (read: awesome) national grassroots electoral programs ever seen. But before we launch, there’s one small procedural step: next week, the paperwork will be filed to create Indivisible Action, the electoral Political Action Committee (aka a Carey PAC).

But wait. Aren’t PACs dark money black holes used by rich billionaires to skew elections? They can be. There are Sheldon Adelson or Koch Brother-style PACs that allow billionaires with dangerous agendas to write blank checks to fringe candidates (ahem, Trump).

But at Indivisible, we’re committed to fighting corporate money and influence in politics. The PAC will be overwhelmingly fueled by small donations (for example, the average gift to the Indivisible Project is $37!) from individual people supporting our movement. Indivisible Action commits to not accepting donations from for-profit corporations, and will be independent of any candidates or party structures.

Now, let’s get down to business. What does it mean for you and you group?

Indivisible Action will allow our movement to:

✔️ Continue to build our (lasting, progressive, diverse) electoral power
✔️ Play a bigger role in races in every corner of the country up and down ballot
✔️ Build deeper movement capacity in races that are going to be especially critical to the balance of power this cycle

How will we do that? We will be building shared plans and using shared tools at the state and district level! Specifically, we’re test-driving the Voter Activation Network (aka VAN), a powerful tool used by Democratic and progressive campaigns across the country, with access to integrated canvassing and phonebanking tools so Indivisibles in every group across the country can talk to voters on the phone and at their front doors. We’re moving ahead on this now, and planning to offer these tools to groups for key races in each state by early June.

That’s not it! We’re also working on offering ways for Indivisibles around the country (that’s you!) to roll up their sleeves and get to work in the places where we need extra support through peer-to-peer messaging tools. You may have already seen the power of these tools in action — Indivisibles used Hustle, a textbanking tool, to reach tens of thousands of voters in the days before the PA-18 election. These tools will be rolled out in the coming weeks to support groups with nationally endorsed primaries (just another reason to check out our Endorsement Guide and get your national endorsement in!). We hope to expand them more widely as we get closer to the general election for key races that will impact control of Congress and state houses across the country.

There’s more (a lot more) to come on this in the weeks ahead, including trainings and guidance on how you can make the most of these tools and electoral program for your group. We know an Indivisible movement with the best support, training and the best tools in their hands will be absolutely unstoppable.

Be sure to stay in touch with your organizer or reach out to for any questions, feedback, or updates.

Join us in Portland for Indivisible’s Pacific Northwest Institute

Indivisibles in the West have made a huge impact on our movement in the last year. Your groups are leading the charge on everything from gun violence prevention to Medicaid expansion to voting rights. And you’ve built electoral plans and statewide coalitions to show our grassroots power at the ballot box.

Now it’s time to double down and get ready for November and beyond. That’s why the Indivisible Organizing team is hosting a Pacific Northwest Regional Institute on June 16 and 17! Here are the details:

Who: Indivisible Group Leaders from Alaska, Arizona, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming
What: Pacific Northwest Regional Institute
When: Saturday, June 16 – Sunday, June 17
Where: The Hilton Downtown, Portland, OR: 545 SW Taylor St, Portland, Oregon
RSVP today to reserve your spot!

This event is open to all Indivisible Group Leaders in your area. Feel free to pass on this email invitation and RSVP link to any group leaders you think should attend.

This week on Capitol Hill

  • Some House Republicans want to force an immigration vote. Congressmen Denham, Hurd, and Curbelo introduced a discharge petition that aims to force a “Queen-of-the-Hill” floor vote on competing immigration proposals, where the proposal with the most support passes. One of the proposals on the table is terrible for immigrants: it conditions temporary protections for Dreamers on permanent cuts to family immigration and massive spending on Trump’s deportation force. For more information, check out our resource!
  • There will be a vote to protect net neutrality in the Senate. Senator Ed Markey, joined by every other Senate Democrat and Senator Susan Collins, introduced a resolution to undo the FCC’s rollback of net neutrality this past week. The vote will be this coming week (probably on Wednesday), and there are still a few Republican Senators on the fence — you can use our resource and call script to call and demand that they vote to protect the free and open internet.
  • The farm bill, including big cuts to SNAP, will get a vote in the House. Republicans are trying to pass a farm bill that would take food assistance away from over 2 million people, mere months after handing the wealthy and corporations trillions of dollars in tax cuts. This bill will likely pass with few or no Democratic votes, and then it will be on to the Senate — you can read our resource here to learn more.

This week’s #TrumpThreatLevel:

  • Trump unilaterally pulled the United States out of the Iran Deal. This unnecessary, reckless, and dangerous action by Trump isolates us from our allies and increases the likelihood of war with Iran. National security experts — including members of Trump’s own cabinet — agree that Iran is complying with the deal, and that it has helped to curb their nuclear program. Trump’s desire to spite President Obama at every turn is costing us, and the world, our safety.

Visit for a running list of all the ways Trump makes us less safe and our latest foreign policy resources to take action.

Let us know how we’re doing

We need your help to make sure the group leader emails are a practical and relevant resource for you. Take our quick survey now and share your feedback on how we’re doing and how we can improve.

Registering your events on the Indivisible map

Our new events map is looking better than ever, thanks to all those who registered their upcoming events and activities.

And we’re already hearing great feedback from Indivisibles looking to get involved locally! As a reminder, any event on our map by Friday at 11:59pm ET will go out in our Saturday email to Indivisibles near your event. Keeping the map updated with all of your upcoming activities will help build attendance for events and grow and strengthen your groups.

Here’s how you register events:

  1. Group leaders can register events with us at this link.
  2. After registering an event, group leaders will get an email to the email address they provided when they registered, with the subject line “Confirm your local Indivisible event”.
  3. The same link that a group leader clicks to confirm their event will lead them to their host tools. It’s a good idea to star the “Confirm your local Indivisible event” email, as that will be the only place the group leader can find the link to their host tools.

In the coming weeks, we will share more information about a 50 state national program rollout that takes groups through stages of training, onboarding and running an electoral program. And we can’t wait to get these tools in your hands.

Thanks for all that you do.

In solidarity,
The Indivisible Team

Indivisible Project is a locally-led, people-powered movement of thousands of local groups in red, blue, and purple states, and in urban, suburban, and rural areas (at least two in every congressional district!). Our mission is to power and lift up a grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies.

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Indivisible Project is a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization. Donations are not tax deductible.

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