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AARP | Attack On Healthcare

July 2, 2018

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Unprecedented: Your health care is under attack in federal court – and it could cost you thousands.

Stop the new backdoor plan to let big insurance companies price gouge older Americans: Send your letter to the Administration NOW!

Dear Billie,

The Justice Department is attacking the protections that make it illegal to price gouge you for health care, by arguing in court that they’re unconstitutional.

If they get their way, you might have to pay thousands of dollars more per year for insurance.

AARP is taking legal action to challenge their attack on your health care, and we will fight for you in court. But our best chance to make them back down is to raise overwhelming pressure on the White House – and that’s where you come in:

Tell the Administration: I won’t accept a backdoor attack on our health care!

If the Administration wins in court, the big insurance companies will get a slew of unfair handouts like:

  • An “age tax” that would let them charge Americans aged 50+ up to 10 times more for health care than everyone else. Take Action >>
  • A free pass to deny coverage for up to 25 million older Americans dealing with pre-existing conditions like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. Take Action >>
  • Higher drug costs for seniors in the Medicare Part D doughnut hole, who are already struggling with the most expensive prescription drug prices in the world. Take Action >>

Let’s be honest about what’s happening here, Billie: The Administration and their allies failed to pass their unfair health care policies in Congress, so now they’re trying to sneak them through the courts.

Don’t let them get away with it: Tell the Administration that you’re watching, and you won’t stand for their backdoor health care attack!

Thanks for speaking out again about this crucial issue. I’ll be in touch soon with more updates.


Fred Griesbach
AARP Campaigns

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NOTE: This is why Supreme Court appointments are so important! While Roe Vs Wade is very important, there are a lot of other issues like this that often go unnoticed.

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