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July 10, 2018

At what time did women decide they can no longer make up their own minds and must hand that to some men in the government who would know better? Let me answer that, at no time have women thought men knew better about their health choices.

Don’t be fooled by false narratives, this is not about abortion. This is and has always been men wanting to control women. To flip this around, when have a group of women had control on anything a man does? Never, they would never allow it. Why should we allow it?

The religious argument is no better. No religion shall control women either. We see the radical examples of this in other religions and are appalled. So its any different if a different religion does the same thing in another area?

It does not have to effect me in any way to still know it is fundamentally wrong for men to control women. In many ways it is completely illegal as in rape. No one would argue rape is acceptable behavior.

But there are those who would argue that it does not apply to a husband. That was a past religious example and of course it was completely driven by men. Though out history men have not always been very good advocates for women.

You do not have to advocate abortion to not see this as someone trying to control a woman’s private personal decision. The fact is they are trying to control women in the most dangerous ways possible, under possible death.

Roe Vs Wade made abortion legal so that there were safe access to abortions. Prior to that women sometimes died getting an abortion. And there have always been men like Trump who felt women should be punished for getting one.

Men did not control women then and they will not control them now. Woman rights are not negotiable and I do not care what argument you make. Regardless of the religious right and their name calling, you don’t know what blood on your hands means if you go after women’s rights, because there will certainly be blood.

This is but one reason why the SCOTUS nomination is so very important. You should not get me started on the other reasons!

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