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SCOTUS Nomination | Brett Kavanaugh

July 16, 2018

Those who say Roe is secure are insincere. Red states are have been whittling away at this right for decades with needless access restrictions. Many states in this country make access near impossible and that was never the spirit of Roe. Stating Roe is not in danger is simply not the fact.

Just as important as the woman’s rights issue, Kavanaugh, (Trump’s SCOTUS pick), has views on presidential power that likely got him nominated by Trump. It is becoming apparent that Trump will fight to the supreme court on issues like him talking to Mueller.

Kavanaugh does not feel a president should be subject to civil and criminal investigations but at the same time says impeachment is an option. How can you possibly have an impeachment without an investigation? His arguments are nonsense but certainly what Trump wants. Kavanaugh is Trumps end run in the Mueller probe. Kavanaugh would allow Trump to become a dictator.

Brett Kavanaugh also feels ISPs have 1st Amendment right to block websites. Think about how that will be used to erode your rights and the flow of information. Think about how a corrupt campaign in collusion with an ISP can force a narrative. Do you really want Comcast, AT&T, Verizon to be controlling what information you have access to? Are we China or North Korea now?

Brett Kavanaugh needs to stay on the court that is overturned by the SCOTUS, and not anywhere near the SCOTUS itself. Our country is under attack with a far right agenda and we can not allow our highest court to fall to it also. Complete government control is the way we are heading and there is nothing fair and balanced about it.

The terror of a future without Roe

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