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Far Left, Far Right, All Part Of The System

September 13, 2018

When looking at the political spectrum you might feel Trump and the current GOP are too far to the right and many Democrats running against them are too far to the left and then you start thinking the lesser of two evils. This is not accurate. Compromise always falls in the middle. It is completely normal having politicians on the opposite sides of the spectrum, no one can be too far to the right or the left. The real problems occur when one side controls everything.

What happened in 2016 was a disaster because the GOP took all three branches of government. Of course they were going to give the rich donor class huge tax cuts, that is what they do historically. Then they go after the poor and middle class to pay for their tax cuts. It can’t be beyond your comprehension that when the GOP is in power they do not care about deficits and responsible spending. They will go after Social Security and Entitlements next, saying we can’t afford it after giving a trillion dollars to the rich and corporations.

They are basically sacking the entire country for everything they can take including the future financial well being of the country and its all going to the top. The pittance they gave to the poor and middle class was a low percentage that expires completely in ten years. It was a complete scam that far too many people bought into it. Trump claims it was the biggest tax cut in history, you doing so much better off?

This mid term election is so very important as part of the country has to swing Democratic to bring back responsibility. If something is truly of benefit to the country, history tells you both parties will support it. Don’t buy into this insane notion that someone is too far to the left because that really means nothing. We deal with the whole country, not just an individual in the congress or senate.

The American people are smart enough to know that voting for one person is not going to change the entire system. Voting for someone who supports Medicare For All is not going to make us a socialist country. It did not make Canada, Great Brittan, or most of the civilized world socialist countries. There is a big difference.

VOTE! We can not continue to follow the path of reversing all the advances we made the last decade in every single area. Your life and health are in danger when corporations can throw away pollution standards for profits. You know this.

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