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The Schrier – Rossi Debate

October 18, 2018

The Schrier and Rossi debate was last night. Early in Rossi admits he does not support a Women’s right to choose. Why is that not surprising from a typical GOP male…

Roe vs Wade and a woman’s right to choose is supported by the majority of Americans and Washington residents. If Rossi can’t support the majority of Washington residents why would we think he would represent us on anything?

This is someone who places his own believes over those of the people. He obviously does not understand this job is to represent Washington State residents. Should he not represent the majority despite party?

He is also for sale to the NRA. I see some flaws in the current initiative but I really saw nothing from Rossi to help with actual solutions. Who does he wish to work for, the people or the NRA? I know there is common ground here, not just the hard right NRA position.