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Washington State Orcas

January 3, 2019

Seals eat the salmon. Orca whales eat seals. This last year over a dozen seals were found shot dead because they compete with fishermen for the salmon and the seal population is out of control.

Recently our governor proposed a sizable enough amount of money to help save our local orca pod, an amount that almost justifies giving Trump his wall money to reopen the government.

I have a problem with spending over a billion dollars for a nature problem that may not even work. Besides that they are trying to feed the orcas salmon instead of the damn seals. Obviously the orcas do not like being fed salmon and my guess is they would prefer the seals.

So instead of shooting and trapping seals and shipping them to California, how about we put them in a big floating cage and bring them to the orcas? I think we could do that for a lot less than a billion dollars…

And don’t cry for the seals, they are a part of the food chain that are interfering with your food chain. We are the ones responsible for bringing the seals in so close that the orcas could not get to them. For example, the fish ladder at the locks are seal magnets because they bottle up the salmon.

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