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130 Million Dollar Drone wasted on Iran

June 21, 2019

First the US put out a video that looks like it was filmed in black and white Super 8 of what they say is Iran removing what they say is a mine from a small boat with what looks like a dozen people on it. Their story was that this was Iran removing a second mine because it had “Iranian fingerprints” on it. Mind you, this was a day after the ship attacks and they knew(?) there was an unexploded mine left and set up cameras without telling anyone to apparently prove Iran did it.

Now if you believed the two identical mine story, than it only stood to reason they would send divers down to the bottom of this huge body of water and find hunks of brightly colored metal said to be part of this mine. This would not tell you much but luckily there was an army grunt available who knew these to be parts of an Iranian mine because, get this, he seen one before in a parade in Iran. This is what they said, I did not pull this out of my butt, the Trump Administration did.

Next the Trump Administration thought it was a good idea to waste a 130 million dollar drone by flying it at Iran. This would not be the first drone wasted by the US on Iran. The first one crashed in the desert and Iran recovered it and reverse engineered their own version. Now a decade later I guess we thought we would send them our latest version? One hundred And thirty million dollars, (that number keeps changing upward), of taxpayer money wasted. I know, that would not even cover Trumps golf bill for the last two years but it is still a lot of money to us taxpayers who are not billionaires.

Trump is touting today how he ordered an airstrike and cancelled it in the nick of time. If you think this is the same as launching a strike on Syria you would be dead wrong. Syria could not have shot down a top of the line drone flying at 60,000 feet. Supposed that was a manned aircraft in one of Trumps “punishment” air strikes? This is insane!

I watched the march to Iraq and knew it was fake. It was so obvious but Americans bought it. Hello, there were no WMD and it was all bullshit. Tens of thousands died needlessly. And don’t forget the Gulf Of Tonkin incident that got us into Vietnam.

Iran has been under assault since Trump came in. He tore up the peace accord that was negotiated over years with Europe and the USA, that everyone except Trump and lackeys said was working. He imposed the toughest sanctions and threatened everyone else wanting to do business with Iran. Sanctions are most definitely an act of war when we try to destroy a country with them. We are doing it to Venezuela today also.

Trump says its all Iran’s fault, I obvious do not believe him. How could you possibly believe him, he lies to us constantly! That and all the “evidence” he provides is unbelievable bullshit.





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