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From The Super Majority 6-29-19

June 29, 2019

Did you watch the presidential debates this week?

Before anyone even took the stage, we asked you to share questions you would ask if you had the chance and we read through hundreds. Here were the top questions we shared.

Some topics on our minds were covered:
✓ Abortion care
✓ Raising the minimum wage
✓ Health care access
✓ Reuniting families at the border
✓ Gun violence prevention
✓ Climate change
✓ Racial justice

While others weren’t:

Maternal health care
Paid family leave
Child care
Elder care
Sexual assault and violence
Affordable housing

20 candidates, five moderators, and 130 questions later, we wanted to share some of our key takeaways:

From Ai-Jen:

“This first round of debates reflected the ways that organizing sets the context for politics. From immigration to gun violence and climate change, when we push, it moves our candidates. And the concerns of women did make it to the stage; the power of women’s leadership certainly took center stage. But more debate about the concerns of women is needed — and not just from women candidates! Every candidate should be talking about how we lift working poor women out of poverty, how we support our caregivers, and real solutions for survivors of violence, to name a few issues that haven’t been addressed.”

From Cecile:

“Let’s take a moment to celebrate the historic moments we got to witness in Miami. For the first time ever, there were multiple women on a presidential debate stage. For the first time, presidential candidates (on both nights!) were asked about abortion — women AND men alike. What’s more, the candidates vying to be our next president talked about trans rights, the Equal Rights Amendment, and pay equity. A few years ago, that would have been unthinkable.

Now, there were still plenty of issues that didn’t come up in the first round of debates — maternal health and affordable child care come to mind — but for the first time that I can remember, it feels like the women of America are being acknowledged as the political force that we are. We are the majority of voters in this country. And anyone wants to represent us in the White House will have to prioritize the issues that keep us and our families up at night.”

From Alicia:

“Women ruled the first debates of the primary season, pushing hard to address the core issues that most people care about — how to care for themselves and their families. The debates showed us very clearly that gone are the days when older white men are the only ones considered to be viable candidates for president of the United States.

I was heartened to hear some discussions that I haven’t heard on the debate stage before, protections for transgender communities being a notable one. But there were also issues that weren’t addressed with the substance I’d hoped they would be, like criminal justice reform, policing, and voter suppression.

For any change to happen in this country, we have to be sure and protect the rights of everyone who wants to participate in making decisions over their own lives. Every family in this country should be assured that their children can grow up to be adults, and that their lives will not be cut short by the people sworn to protect them. I’ll be looking forward to the next set of debates in Detroit, Michigan, where I’ll be eager to hear about the plans the residential hopefuls have for the economy, and making everyone powerful within it.”

Keep an eye out for updates after upcoming debates!

In solidarity,
The Supermajority team

Super Majority here!

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