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SCOTUS Won’t Address Gerrymandering

June 29, 2019

The Supreme court ruled that they can not police GOP gerrymandering. So the GOP can lie, cheat, and steal with impunity and you now have no one to police you, not even the supremely worthless court. I mention the GOP as these were the cases before the SCOTUS.

In the past we have looked to the courts for these type of issues. I am not sure where we look now. The Supreme Court basically ruled you can not bring this federal issue to a federal court…

Is this now conservative policy as it was ruled by only the conservatives on the court? This ruling included both Trump nominees. Brett Kavanaugh said the Supreme Court was not a political body. He lied about everything it appears.

This is a prime example of the GOP’s lawlessness. If you commit a crime, just remove anyone who would hold you accountable. Just like Trump’s handling of any investigations into himself.

Most Americans know Trump is a con man and he self admitted to sexual assault. He needs to be held accountable. I feel it is time for impeachment. This can not just be ignored, even if the criminal element of the Senate decides to turn a blind eye. No one is above the law?

Trump has already corrupted the Supreme Court with judges that will cover for him and the GOP, this is now blindingly obvious! Would Merrick Garland have made a difference?



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