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Most Recent Climate Denial

July 2, 2019

At the G20 meeting this last week, the US was the only country to not sign on to climate change, again. This has become a pattern of our anti science president. While our southern border is being overwhelmed, the administration never mentions that a lot of this is because of climate change and drought.

Climate change will get worst and the effect on the southern states and south of the border will also become more of a problem. This is a world problem and citizens will have to come to terms with seeing more people desperate or dead at the border and how they feel about that.

I would think the very first step is admitting there is a problem and admit with the rest of the world that climate change is real. Trump and the GOP are not going to make climate change go away by sticking their heads in the sand. Instead they will likely doom us all.

And those GOP politicians that poisoned the people of Flint are looking like they will all walk free, no charges issued. In this country profits outweigh human life, but they still can’t afford health care. Is there no limit to corporate greed?




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