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Articles Of Impeachment

December 12, 2019

Donald Trump becomes the 4th(*) president to ever face impeached. Articles of Impeachment cite two offenses, abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Congress is expected to vote on them this week in committee. (* Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment.)

Meanwhile the GOP sees no evil, hears no evil, and swears no one did any evil. It would be more believable if there was even the slightest hint on honesty on their part, but I haven’t seen any. I mean many of Trump’s associates are now residing in prison or under investigation.

Trump has had to pay out tens of millions of dollars in civil suites for fraud just since 2016 and he paid off his mistresses to keep quiet before the election. So the defense is he is of too high a moral character to commit the offenses he is being accused of? Seriously?

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