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Impeached President Fires First Shot

January 6, 2020

Trump is a criminal who authorized the murder of a Iran General who was visiting Iraq to attend a funeral for people Trump killed in previous air raids the day before. Once again he acts like he does not have to follow any laws and can do anything he wants. He also killed a high level Iraqi official who was riding in the limo with the General. This all happened at the Iraqi airport without anyone’s permission. We are beyond Trump’s shooting of someone on 5th Ave and not losing votes.

One of the biggest search terms the last couple days were people looking to see if their FAFSA applications included signing up for selective service. To answer that, yes it is automatic. We do not currently have a draft but if we go into a full blown war with Iran we will certainly bring it back.

Enlistments are already down because lets face it, going to the Middle East sucks. Hot and desert with scorpions and cobras, how fun. But put this in perspective, Iran would be way bigger than Iraq and Vietnam combined. There will be a draft and Trump will likely get a lot of kids killed who do not want to be there. I would be concerned.

Trump has sent out his talking heads to try to justify why he “had” to do this but the last two previous presidents knew better than directly start a war with Iran and possible Iraq again. Besides we all know we can not believe anything this administration and Trump’s lackeys say. The war mongers have won with Trump tearing up the nuclear accord and trying to destroy the Iran economy again.

Here is what is different this time around. Trump has no allies on our side and since he started it, NATO is not obligated to respond. The other world leaders begged him not to leave the JPOA intact but Trump knew better than the rest of the world. This is what happens when you elect a narcissist, they know better than anyone else.

Over the next few days we will likely be expelled from Iraq as they don’t want the US to use their country as a war zone again in a proxy war with Iran. They would be totally justified, not to mention Trump murdered one of their leaders who was riding with the General.

One last point, Trump tweeted over a dozen times that Obama would start a war with Iran to get reelected. Instead Obama fought for a peace plan. Trump was projecting and likely thinks this will get him reelected. There was no other logical reason for him to have done this.


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