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More Fake War Evidence

January 23, 2020

Look at history. Just about every war we been in for the last 50 years were based on lies and falsified evidence. There are a lot more people loyal to the art of war in our government than you would ever imagine. They are making a lot of money and getting their campaigns financed by wars. I have said it many times over the decades that we build all these bombs and then look for places to drop them. It is not the other way around.

Many of us had a pretty good hunch that the Syria gas attack blamed on Assad was a false flag operation. It just made no sense as all, Assad was winning, why would he use gas now and drag the USA into this. Turns out he didn’t and once again the hawks wanted us in a war. Trump bragged about wanting to take the oil. He will do the same with Iran every chance he gets.

I have learned that you should listen to reality when someone tries to get us in a war. Not bragging but I knew George Bush was full of shit. Once again it didn’t make any sense and the UN Watchdogs swore to us that Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. The same goes for Iran as Trump has been trying to start a war with them since he took office and tore up the international agreement with Iran. He made the USA reneg on our agreement.

Everything Trump says is a lie. Everything he says about Syria or Iran is a lie. When is the public finally going to see just how full of shit Donald Trump is? How many need to be sacrificed for someone to finally say this is not right or this just stinks?



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