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Iraq Asks Us To Leave

January 28, 2020

While what seems like its been much longer ago than it was, President Trump thought it a good idea to kill a Iranian general on Iraqi soil, at their airport no less. He just happened to be with a high level Iraqi official who was also blown up by this drone attack. Iraq has been in chaos ever since.

The Iraqi parliament adjoined an emergency session and they decided the did not want us in their country any longer. There has been huge protests by the Iraqi people attended by over a million people. They want us out of their country and our bases closed.

We went into Iraq based on a lie, supposedly to save them from Saddam and to give them democracy. They have their democracy and want us out now. Perhaps Trump stupidly went too far in their country. I would want us out also if I were them. And is it not about time we left Iraq before Trump starts World War 3?

Trump is not the president of Iraq and they deserve to run their own diplomacy and do not need our stable genius. Attacks on the US presence have already occurred and we can’t just blame it on Iran now as we are equally unwanted by Iraq. Lets face it, when it comes to peace we suck. We only do war and death now.

The Trump Administration has already stated they will not leave so this is now a forced occupation of a foreign country. Think about that and what this country is suppose to be about. How much more damage can this impeached president do now?



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