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Animal Farm 2020

February 6, 2020

Back when I was in grammar school I remember the teacher reading to the class the book “Animal Farm”. As a kid the title was intriguing to us as who did not love animals. But this book was not what we were expecting. It was a book on the dangers of tyranny.

Near the end of the book when the pigs took over the farm, they changed the farm motto from “All Animals Are Equal” to “All Animals Are Equal, But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others”.

Funny thing how I remembered that book this week after witnessing the impeachment trial. Maybe the similarities just stuck out on how the pigs quietly took over the farm and changed everything the farm stood for. I mean the similarities are uncanny.

The pigs have taken over our country and they run the show now. They now set the standards and are unaccountable to all the other animals. That George Orwell was an amazing and insightful writer who in parody could see possible futures.

George also penned the better known book 1984 which also told of the dangerous threat to civilization that tyranny can pose. This is what we all witnessed this week. When a political party can turn a blind eye to their leader’s wrongdoing and exonerate him of his crimes.

As completely expected, Trump will now tout that he was found completely innocent of a “witch hunt” and all the sheep will hang on his every word. But you and I both know that it was really only the pigs who found him innocent.

Some things you are suppose to learn in school and know they are wrong when you see them.

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