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Bigger Threat, Trump Or McConnell?

February 11, 2020

While many people are thinking Donald Trump is destroying the democracy, I feel the bigger culprit is Mitch McConnell. It all started when he destroyed any resemblance of bipartisanship when he went with his “nuclear option” and blew the senate up.

It was not that long ago when it took 60 votes in the senate with some support from both sides to accomplish goals. That was the way it was designed in the constitution. Sure Trump goaded him on but by making it a simple majority destroyed the senate forever. The senate is now just a puppet regime of the party controlling it.

You are witnessing our broken system and how it no longer works. And no, I am not looking for the democrats to fix it when they take power, why would they? The senate is now completely controlled by the party that wins 51 seats. No need to compromise any more because that’s dead.

You saw that with the impeachment and how it was a show trial with no witnesses. Democracy may be already dead. Its not like they will send you a text when democracy dies. It seems that all we can do is tear up a speech or dress in white at its wake.

I am surprised people are not more angry. The propaganda of the far right and its biggest mouthpiece just got the highest civilian award and the circle is complete. Oligarchy has the power and they have won. Oligarchy Countries, with Examples from History and Today.

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