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Corona Virus Update 2-28-20

February 28, 2020

No need for a doctor, an infectious disease specialist, the CDC, or even a surgeon general, not when our stable genius taps Mike Pence as the leader against the corona virus… Feel safe now? Who needs science.

In the mean time Bothel High School is closed today to be disinfected. Turns out a member of the staff recently returned from overseas and was feeling ill and they are now under in-home quarantine. But corona virus has not even been positively identified because it takes a week!

This is what we are up against. A virus that is spreading across the globe with a death rate of about 2.0 to 3.0 percent and it could already be here without us even knowing. California has its first community transmission*. (* This is when there is no clue how they got it).

Lastly, although this is a progressive web site, this is an equal opportunity illness. It is imperative that you stay informed and I am in the same boat you are in. Excuse me if I think Trump is an idiot and will not keep you informed in any way.


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