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Urgent Need For Universal Healthcare

March 4, 2020

The current candidates except for Bernie Sanders are not telling you the whole truth. Without universal healthcare the United States will continue to decline and drown in its out of control rampant profit taking while more people lose healthcare.

The Trump administration has already kicked millions of people off healthcare and the Supreme Court is looking to kick even more. All this while deciding if women should lose their healthcare choices and the right to a legal abortion.

The current Corona virus emphasizes why we need medicare for all, or universal healthcare. Can you imagine a scenario of leaving people without healthcare on the streets to spread infection? That is the present healthcare system.

People who feel sick and could have the virus do not go to a doctor because they don’t have healthcare. Our current healthcare system is not healthcare if you don’t have it. Surely you witnessed the swarm of people at Seattle Center for the three day free healthcare event.

This is why countries with universal healthcare treat everyone, residents or not. This is the fatal flaw with our current “for profit” healthcare system. Even if you have a fancy medical policy, it will not save you from all those that do not.

It has been reported that this virus has been around 6 weeks here in Washington State with no one knowing about it and spreading. Its not a matter of who you came into contact with as there is no way of knowing. Did that delivery person have a cold or the virus? You will never know.

Our current political system requires people to make some hard choices. Do what is right for the people and you, or do what the elites, drug companies, and insurance companies want. They have billions of dollars to get their point across, do you?

Bernie is the only candidate who will not accept money from billionaires or corporations because he will not be corrupted by them. Joe Biden is the corporate candidate and is being fueled by them. Who do you think has your interests in mind?




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