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Trump Knew He Would Face Biden

March 11, 2020

Consider how Trump knew he would be facing the corporate democrat Joe Biden a year before you thought your vote mattered. The person who will win the presidency is the person who will protect profits of the 1%.

There is no democracy in the presidential race. You don’t pick anything or vote for anyone. Even some elite loser sometimes takes the White House for the ultimate fuck you. You have seen this before, believe what you see for a change.

Who will win? Only the people who had everyone suddenly drop out to support Biden truly know. When Bernie was doing well they pulled the plug on him. The majority agreed with many of his policies and have no clue what Biden represents.

Remember this was all rigged by the elites in 1776. There was nothing common about those people who mostly owned slaves. That is the true systemic racism, a system designed by slavers. They knew the people would not choose a president who would protect their interests.

We are in a lose-lose situation and the most the people can do is keep government divided so there is no real change. The wealth gap is not done growing and no corporate president is going to stop that.

Change the congress, keep it diverse as that is our only hope. Stop voting for rich old white men? I mean seriously, how has that worked out for you?

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