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The Amazon Monopoly

July 16, 2020

Amazon has a monopoly in this country. If you are receiving food assistance, (EBT), they are the only ones you can use EBT while on-line shopping that I know of. While Walmart may offer a better deal on grocery items, you can not use your EBT there for delivery.

If you are in one of those dangerously at risk categories, this is huge! We depend on home deliveries to keep safe and not risk our exposures. Companies that will deliver to our door are a huge benefit to us.

I know a lot of people have nothing good to say about the world richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. I don’t have much opinion on that, this is America. These things happen if you have the right idea and backing. I do have a problem with unfair advantages though. Who is staking the deck here?

Amazon also allows price gouging on their site for non Amazon sellers. Sure they say they don’t and brag about the 10,000 they supposedly stopped. I do not believe them because I still see plenty of examples today.

Want to see some? Search “canned ham” and plenty will show up at two to three times retail. The only bright side to this is you can not use your EBT on these scam priced items. I am sure Bezos gets his cut though.

Even if you do not use EBT, food items not available for EBT sale is a good indication its price gouging. Amazon will tell you its because its a 3rd party seller but I think they are full of shit and allow this fleecing of their customers for their own gain.

Is it any wonder Jeff Bezos has more money then a good percentage of America combined? Selling on-line is great but some take it way beyond the line of decency. Unfair business practices, monopolies, and price gouging where they can get away with it during a pandemic.

How many billions is Jeff Bezos making from illegal price gouging? I would like to know…He can make billions of dollars but can’t afford to screen items for sale on his website? What kind of bullshit is that?

The law provides for up to $10,000 fines for price gouging during a pandemic. How much of a fine would that add up to for every single incidence on Amazon? And it does not help that Amazons shields their gougers.

Recently I posted a review on a gouger item on Amazon and they responded back; “Thank you for submitting a customer review on Amazon. After carefully reviewing your submission, your review could not be posted to the website. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the Amazon Community Guidelines.”

What was this so out of line post that they would not allow? I wrote: “This is price gouging. This is about twice the price this should be selling for. You can usually tell price gouging when you can’t use EBT. Believe me, no one is so desperate to pay $8 a pound for a mediocre canned ham.”

For reference, this was a 1 pound Dak Canned Ham that sells for $3.97 at but $8 on Amazon. This is one of the slightest examples. Many items you would want to stock up on during a pandemic were much higher than double retail price.

Lets put this is perspective, Jeff Bezos is making a billion dollars a year. For 1/100th of that he could hire some people who make a normal wage as watchdogs on his website. They could even work from home. Who is the one not adhering to community standards of decency?

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