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The Post Office & Mail In Ballots

August 15, 2020

Trump is so desperate with the upcoming election he is willing to sabotage our own postal service. Think about that. Here in Washington State we vote by mail and he is trying to screw us up because we are not a red state? He is not an American President, he NEVER was. He is a president of only his base. He has never even tried to be everyone’s president and that is why his base and popularity can’t even reach 50%. Its the same 42 or so he has had the whole time.

More then half the country hates him and see’s him as the conman and clown that he is. In fact we are scratching our heads trying to figure out how he has supporters can’t seem to see it. Have they never even really listened to him? Are they blind to the person he is or the bullshit he is constantly spouting? Do they think they are part of his elite country club crowd?

Is it racism? Is Trump depending on Racism to give him a chance? I mean some of the things he has said are very racist, there is no denying that. Is that Americas “better angels” are deep seated racism? And now that there is a woman of color on the ticket Trump will have to do some dancing, perhaps denying she is even of color?

I don’t know, maybe they just don’t know Trump as well as someone on the east coast. Maybe they just never heard him enough on Howard Stern through the years to know he is a bullshitting asshole? Maybe they don’t care he has cheated on all three of his wifes. How he paid off porn stars for their silence on his infidelities. Colludes with foreign interests to cheat. Goes after our own US Postal Service. How can people not see the despicable piece of shit that he is?

Its all too obvious Trump depends on fear. He tries to scare people into voting for him. They are going to come for your guns. They are going to build low income houses? Biden is going to hurt god? WTF? Seriously, you believe this shit? That he convinces you that the people he is running against are even worst than he is? That somehow Trump knows everything? His uncle was a doctor so he knows more than doctors? Come on, snap the hell out of it! He is a sick person, a narcissist.

Despite Trumps bullshit, this country is in a really really bad way. Herman Cain believed Trump’s bullshit, how did that work out for him. Over 160,000 people are dead from this virus. We are in the worst economy since the great depression. You have to listen to the doctors and experts, you know, the people Trump kicked out of his briefings because they didn’t go along with his bullshit.

Trump believe the economy is more important to his reelection chances than people dying. That a percentage of kids who die is an acceptable risk. How many people need to die? There are people out their fighting to not wear masks. People who called this a hoax. Who is going to need to die before you understand what is happening here? I hope you do not need to face that truth.

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